Quilling for beginners - paper beauty

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Quilling for beginners - paper beauty
Quilling for beginners - paper beauty

Quilling is a great way to spend time doing something that gives your head a rest. We will tell you all about quilling for beginners!

Quilling for beginners - paper beauty

Quilling, or paper rolling, is a great way to make a card, decorate a gift, or spend time doing an activity that gives your head a rest

Quilling requires accuracy and perseverance. But its special charm is that beautiful works are obtained the first time. It is enough, following the master class step by step, to try to make a card with paper flowers - and in an hour you will not be ashamed to attach it to a birthday present. But to make complex three-dimensional compositions, you need practice and good spatial thinking. Quilling for beginners.

Inna Dorman (32) Israel: “I was born in Tashkent, but I have been living in Israel for more than ten years. I am an electronics engineer, and for the last two years I have devoted myself entirely to my family. I have always loved needlework, everything I did - from assembling home radio circuits to macrame and sewing. A new round in my hobbies occurred due to the fact that it was necessary to occupy the children - I have three of them. I even started a blog about how to make different crafts with kids (http://increations-ru.blogspot.com/). And somehow my husband gave me a book about paper needlework, where there was a section on quilling. Turns out it was just made for me! I like that, with relative simplicity, quilling has ample opportunities: you can do anything with it - from decorating postcards, frames, boxes and photo albums to making paintings, voluminous toys and compositions. And one more important plus for every mother: the process can be interrupted at any time in order to return to it later.”

DIY quilling for beginners: what you need

  • Colored paper,dyed on both sides (ideally quilling paper), not too thin, cut into strips 1.5 mm to 9 mm wide. You can look for quilling kits or take plain paper (for the first experiments, the one sold in the IKEA children's department or colored paper for printers is suitable) and cut the strips yourself. The ideal tools in this case are a steel ruler and a stationery knife or scalpel. You can try using a shredder (paper shredder), but be aware that some shredders make the edges of the strips torn.
  • Rod for winding paper. If there is no special tool for quilling, it can be replaced by a thick sewing needle stuck into a wooden stick with a broken eye (so that a “slingshot” remains), a thin awl (not cone-shaped), toothpicks with a split end.
  • Stencil with round holes of different diameters to get elements of the same size.
  • Tweezers with sharp and smooth ends - they hold the finished element when the glue is applied.
  • Manicure scissors,evenly sharpened, sharp, never rounded to cut fringes and cut out small details.
  • Quick-drying colorless glue, such as PVA.
  • Compass, ruler and pencil for marking the composition.

Experienced quillers may also need machines for cutting small fringes, cork boards to which elements are pinned during assembly, a hot glue gun for making three-dimensional figures.

Quilling crafts for beginners

The ideal object for the first experiments - postcards. It takes beginners about an hour to make one flower, experienced quillers can do it in 20 minutes.

How to make quilling for beginners? Outline the future composition on the postcard with a pencil. The basic element from which all figures are made is called roll. This is a strip of paper twisted into a tight roll. Hooking the end of the paper ribbon with the forked end of the rod, tightly wind the layer on the layer. Some advise to remove the roll from the rod in the middle of the strip and roll it further with your fingers in order to better control the process. You should get a dense ring, similar to a serpentine. Holding it with your fingers, let it unravel a little and secure the outer tip with a dab of glue.

Now you can start creating. By flattening the edges with your fingers on one or more sides, bending and creating a shape, you can make a droplet, a leaflet, an eye, a square, a triangle, a crescent, a heart, an asterisk and much more from the roll. Take the finished element with tweezers, apply glue to its end and gently stick it on the postcard. Let the glue dry. New Year crafts using quilling technique.

Quilling for beginners: video

Useful details

To get rolls of the same size (for example, for the petals of one flower), you need a template with holes of different diameters. You can use an "officer's" ruler or make a piece of thick cardboard

Thin paper rolls cannot be held in hands for a long time, otherwise they will not unfold

Glue to fix the spirals need a little, it should be applied with the tip of a toothpick or using a special thin nozzle on the bottle

To make a three-dimensional figure, you need to twist the roll from a very long paper strip, and then give it a three-dimensional shape - a dome, a cone, etc. And then fix the handles and other elements on it with the same glue. You can assemble a three-dimensional figure from flat elements by gluing them together

Be careful when buying sets: if the length of the cut strips corresponds to the length of an A4 sheet, there is a possibility that regular color paper is given out for special expensive quilling paper

Don't try to do something "quick", quilling doesn't like it

Quilling for beginners diagrams with a description

Paper swirls can decorate postcards and any gift wrapping. True, there is a chance that the birthday boy will not dare to open it, fearing to spoil the beauty, and will not get to the gift

An interesting effect can be achieved using colored corrugated cardboard. It is easier to roll, and the pictures are more voluminous

Quilling conveys well the delicacy of flowers, plant details, insect wings, bird feathers

Unusual and very beautiful decorations can be made from thin strips of leather, tin or foil

Sugar fondant will make an amazing cake decoration

Where to learn quilling for beginners


Twirled Paper: Make Almost Anything With Simple Paper Strips (Klutz);

Quilling: Techniques and Inspiration (Jane Jenkins);

Art of Paper Quilling: Designing Handcrafted Gifts and Cards (Claire Sun-ok Choi).

Online Resources:

community.livejournal.com/ru_quilling - Livejournal quilling community

www.paperquillingart.com - site of Korean quilling artist Claire San Shua

paper-studio.ru/gallery1.htm - gallery of works in paper rolling technique of the paper art studio

stranamasterov.ru/taxonomy/term/587- quilling section on the Country of Masters website

www.flickr.com/groups/quillingcardsandcrafts/pool/ - quillingcardsandcrafts gallery on Flickr

Where to buy everything for quilling

Korean Paper Art Center in Moscow (http://www.paper-art.ru).

Paper art studio in St. Petersburg (www.paper-studio.ru).

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