Don't be late

Don't be late
Don't be late

You can force yourself not to be late, but how to make punctuality a habit?

Don't be late!

If you always and everywhere arrive later than the appointed time, if your friends are not waiting for you and the employer threatens to fire you, our advice is for you. You can force yourself not to be late, but how to make punctuality a habit? Easily! The main thing is to work on yourself

Here are some tips to help you organize your time.

1. Don't let yourself be late

When you are late, internally you give yourself permission to be late. There are several options for excuses, for example: "They know that I'm always late", "Everyone is late sometimes", "No one will notice if I'm late", "I can't help myself." Stop making excuses, being late is really hurting your career and relationships.

2. Change your relationship with time

If you have an appointment at 10:00 this should mean that you have an appointment at 9:45. Get ready and leave the house, focusing on this time. Leave an extra 15 minutes for traffic surprises, parking problems, finding the right entrance, waiting for the elevator and more.

Problems with being late to work may be due to the fact that you simply do not get enough sleep. Because of this, you do not hear the alarm or fall asleep again after you turn it off. Sleepiness in the morning prevents you from getting ready quickly, increasing the duration of any of your actions. You know how many hours you need to sleep. Go to bed earlier to get the hours you want in bed.

4. Prepare early

Prepare in the evening what you will wear tomorrow morning, gather the things that you will need to take with you, put them in a bag. Preparation and organization is the key to punctuality.

5. Postpone household chores

If you're driving to work or a meeting from home, don't even think about doing a couple of quick chores beforehand. They tend to take much longer than you expected.

6. Share your plans

Tell someone whose opinion you value the most about your desire not to be late again. Do not deviate from the chosen path, do not let the person be disappointed in you.

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