Hair myths

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Hair myths
Hair myths

Find out what is true and what is fiction by reading a selection of the 10 most common myths about hair.

hair myths

Think combing your hair 100 times before bed makes it he althier? Is it true that trimming your hair often makes it grow faster? Find out what is true and what is fiction by reading a selection of the 10 most common myths about hair.

Myth: The more you cut, the faster they grow.

False: Hair grows an average of 1.3 cm per month, whether you cut it often or not. In the summer, hair growth increases somewhat, but the stylist's hand is again not to blame, hormones are to blame for everything. However, even if you have long hair that does not require constant correction, you still need to go to the hairdresser from time to time to cut split ends.

Myth: Hair falls out from stress

True: Every day, no matter what, we lose 50 to 120 hairs. But global life cataclysms such as divorce, dismissal or surgery can really increase hair loss. It can also be caused by pregnancy or antibiotics. A few weeks after the stressful situation, the hair will begin to grow again.

Myth: Shampoos need to be changed regularly

False: Experts refute this theory. If a shampoo works for you, it will work for you day after day, month after month. On the other hand, if you use waxed styling products every other day, you should use a clarifying shampoo once every two weeks to wash off the remaining wax.

Myth: If you pull out one gray hair, two or three will grow in its place

False: Despite the fact that this is absolutely not true, you should not pull out gray hairs. You can damage roots, cause infection, and even leave a scar.

Myth: You can't add volume to straight fine hair

False: Large curlers will make a fluffy head of hair out of thin hair in 5 minutes.

Myth: To get really clean hair, you need to wash it at least twice

False: One wash is enough.

Myth: Rinse your hair with ice water for shinier hair

False: This treatment will cheer you up, but your hair will not benefit from it, your curls will not become brighter.

Myth: Coloring causes major damage to hair

True: Colors today are gentle enough not to weaken hair. Some contain conditioners that make hair even more manageable than before. However, it is advisable to consult a professional stylist before coloring your hair.

Myth: Split ends can be fixed with the right products

True: If the ends split, all you can do is cut them off. However, celebrity stylist Jimmy Paul suggests using products that contain silicone or beeswax to temporarily fuse ends and give hair a more vibrant look.

Myth: You need to brush your hair 100 times daily

False: Each time you brush, the hair falls out and individual hairs are weakened. So brush them just long enough to style.

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