Bytprosvet: waiting for guests

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Bytprosvet: waiting for guests
Bytprosvet: waiting for guests

Cleaning silverware, mirrors and crystal vases with improvised means.

Bytprosvet: we are waiting for guests

In today's issue of Bytprosveta we will tell you how to polish silverware to a shine, how to make a mirror sparkle clean without the help of chemistry, and why soap is contraindicated for gilding

A holiday in the house is always a test for the hostess. After all, it is very important that everything is perfect to the smallest detail. So, we are waiting for guests and making a marafet in the house

Silver cutlery can be cleaned by placing it in a pot of hot water with 2 tablespoons of s alt and a piece of household aluminum foil.

Silver and silver-plated items clean well with tobacco ash.

Darkened family silver can easily be restored to its original appearance by soaking it for a few minutes in a bath of soapy water with a few drops of ammonia added. If you have family gold, clean it too by soaking it in hydrochloric or sulfuric acid for a while.

Bronze should never be cleaned with metal cleaners. Bronze products should be carefully washed with water, wiped dry, and stains removed by wiping these places with half an onion.

Copper and brass things, even if not cleaned for a long time, will shine again if you wipe them with a soft cloth, which you dip first in vinegar and then in s alt. And do not forget: you need to clean the metal in a circular motion.

The mirror is wiped with a piece of leather soaked in s alt water and well wrung out. But make sure that water does not get over the edge during cleaning: s alt destroys the amalgam.

Darkened crystal decanters and vases should not be washed with hot water. Crystal is usually wiped with blued dry starch, and then wiped dry with a woolen cloth. Crystal vessels are also cleaned with a mixture of coarse s alt and vinegar, or even simpler - coffee grounds with the addition of a small amount of cold water. Vessels should be vigorously shaken.

Porcelain ware with gilding Do not wash with soap - the gilding may fade.

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