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How to find a good kindergarten or school for a child? Now it's much easier to do it.

Smart Search

How to find a good kindergarten or school for a child?

First, run around the neighborhood and find out what is nearby. Secondly, ask your friends, thirdly, study the ratings and reviews on the Internet…

All these actions can now be done by pressing a few buttons. A new service "For parents of schoolchildren and preschool children" has appeared on the Google website. By choosing this service (on the page, you will see a map of the city, where all schools, kindergartens and institutions of additional education are marked - musical, artistic, sports.

Each label has a color that depends on the position of the school or kindergarten in the national ranking. By clicking on the link of the school or kindergarten, everyone can read the reviews of parents, see their mark, or leave a review themselves.

Any search method - by address, place in the rating, number of reviews, specialization. Information and ratings are provided and constantly updated by popular portals and The service for Moscow is already running, and similar parent cards for other cities will soon appear.

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