Fitness break

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Fitness break
Fitness break

Even an exemplary office worker can change his lifestyle and activate his metabolism.

Fitness break

Do you lead a sedentary lifestyle? Even an exemplary office worker can change his lifestyle. Activate your metabolism - and your body will begin to utilize fats with redoubled energy. To do this, you need quite a bit:

• Forget the elevator!

If your office is not located in a skyscraper, train yourself to go up and down stairs only. So between times you will exercise daily.

• Use your lunch break for a walk

Don't jump straight from the desktop to the dining room. Even if the dining room is located in the same building, start your break with a walk in a nearby square or park. 20 minutes of brisk walking, but without tension, will not only benefit your figure, but also help to activate mental activity.

• Drink more water

Lack of fluid in the body can be the cause of a slow metabolism. Drink slowly and in small sips throughout the day, preferring still water. Replace coffee with green tea, which accelerates fat burning.

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