Melanoma: risk factors

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Melanoma: risk factors
Melanoma: risk factors

Scientists have identified six of the most significant risk factors for developing this dangerous tumor.

Melanoma: risk factors

Everyone needs to protect their skin from burns, but those who are at risk for melanoma (a deadly form of skin disease) need especially careful preventive measures

After decades of research, scientists have identified the six most significant risk factors:

1. Cases of sunburn to blisters

2. Red or blonde hair

3. Visible freckles on chest and upper back.

4. Complicated heredity - cases of melanoma in close relatives.

5. If you have ever been diagnosed with actinic keratosis at an early stage - a disease in which the stratum corneum grows on exposed skin, usually on the fingertips and palms, horny nodules of pinkish-bluish color. Often they merge, causing itching, dryness and flaking of the skin.

6. Work in the field or steppe in the summer in the open sun, for example, on an expedition, at excavations - for three or more years in a row in adolescence.

In the presence of one of these factors, the risk of melanoma increases by 2-3 times. Two - 5 times. Three or more is a 20-fold increase in risk!

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