Mozart from all diseases

Mozart from all diseases
Mozart from all diseases

Music not only delights the ear, but also helps in the fight against many diseases.

Mozart for all diseases

Music not only delights the ear, but also helps in the fight against many diseases. So don't be in a hurry to grab the drugs, but try music therapy

Violin and piano music is recommended for those who are not quite on their nerves; the harp is irreplaceable in cardiology; the cello helps people with diseased kidneys; oboe and clarinet will come to the aid of your liver; the flute will cope with insomnia, and also help to relax; the saxophone will restore potency.

Psychologists have noticed that after listening to the works of Haydn and Mozart, most people feel a surge of vivacity.

Mozart is generally multidisciplinary. His music is credited with relieving headaches, fatigue, depression, getting rid of a cold. This phenomenon, which has not yet been fully explained, has been called the “Mozart effect.”

Romantic composers like Schubert, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Liszt are good for stress relief. And it does not matter whether you listen to music or perform it yourself.

Interesting is the fact that recently the theory about the amazing effect of vocal singing on the body has been confirmed. During the performance of the song, there is a soft massage of the throat, lungs, bronchi, diaphragm, which trains their music and strengthens, and the sound absorbed by other internal organs stimulates their work. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are so many centenarians among opera singers.

Spiritual and religious music is great for relieving pain.

As for modern musical styles, they are able to evoke both positive and negative emotions of the body: jazz, blues, reggae relieve depressive states; rock music, but in small quantities, can relieve nervous tension and muscle fatigue; hard hard rock can cause unconscious aggression in listeners; rap in some cases causes a reaction of some inhibition, while in others aggression is also possible.

But if you yourself write the lyrics of a rap song, where you speak out about your pain, you can immediately feel how negative energy leaves you.

As for pop, there are no clear conclusions about this. Such music can both cheer up and ruin it.

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