Autumn "Tasty and he althy"

Autumn "Tasty and he althy"
Autumn "Tasty and he althy"

Autumn issue of Vkusno i Polezno magazine is already on sale! 160 recipes for every taste and budget.

Autumn "Tasty and he althy"

In the autumn issue of the magazine "Vkusno i Polezno" - only recipes checked by the editors. The magazine offers readers more than 160 recipes for every taste and budget

From the first pages of the magazine, readers get to visit by autumn - so many different dishes and vegetable snacks can be prepared! On page 4 you will find the recipe for a delicious pumpkin roast and delicious tagliatelle with zucchini. If the first recipe is good for family dinners and gala feasts, then the second one is for a hearty family dinner in a hurry. In addition, the magazine offers readers many recipes for homemade dinners. Even a novice cook can easily handle even the most complex dishes, all recipes are described so simply and in detail: chakhokhbili, chebureks, satsivi, dolma, kulebyaka with fish, stuffed peppers, duck with sauerkraut or zucchini pancakes - everything will turn out in the best possible way and not will disappoint even the most spoiled gourmets.

If you don't have the time to cook complex dishes, you can use the express recipes on page 12 and prepare delicious meals in minutes. The choice is yours: sardine salad, plum pie, burgers, buckwheat fritters, lazy jam or mushroom Raffaello.

Sour cream lovers will be pleasantly surprised by the article about the benefits, origin and methods of preparation of this primordially Russian product. In addition to the curious information presented on pages 14-17, you can replenish your piggy bank with completely new recipes - “sour cream”.

If you love spices and dishes that contain these savory ingredients in abundance, then you will definitely want to enjoy food with coriander - the most ancient and popular spice in the world - coriander seeds were discovered by archaeologists at the site of primitive people, in the tomb of Tutankhamun, and the Roman legionnaires in their campaigns liked to eat bread with coriander. In the magazine you will read why coriander is so useful, what it is eaten with and how to choose it. 6 recipes with coriander on pages 20-25.

In the “Away” section, we will look at famous people: singer Nadezhda Babkina in her generous house and artist, traveler and TV presenter of the Domashny channel Sergei Tsigal. They share their favorite recipes and take a look at modern cooking.

The section "Tasty for children" will be useful to everyone who wants to create in the kitchen with their children. It will be interesting, tasty and very grown-up: nothing unites parents and children like joint creativity and a feast in a cozy kitchen.

Also, in the fall issue:

Intoxicating recipes - recipes with beer for youth and beauty

How much to drink - advice from a nutritionist

Diet plate - a new method of losing weight

Olive oil - what to eat it with

Also: a culinary journey through Turkey, the secrets of Spanish (Catalan) cuisine, psychological counseling, legal advice, etc.

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