10 things women do better than men

10 things women do better than men
10 things women do better than men

Science is providing more and more data on the areas in which the weaker sex is superior to the strong.

10 things women do better than men

Science providesmore and more data on the areas in which the weaker sex outperforms the stronger. Cosmopolitan magazine chose the 10 most notable.

1. A recent study has proven that evolution makes a woman more and more beautiful. Scientists have studied different generations of women and made sure that beautiful women have more children, and girls. And these girls surpass their mothers in beauty. This continues from generation to generation. But men do not need beauty for evolution at all.

2. The sad truth is that women are more likely than men to survive car accidents. The risk of the stronger sex losing their lives during such disasters is 77% higher than that of the weak. So men should thank their women for asking them to wear their seat belts.

3. According to a study in which 2,000 people took part, women are much more confident than men when they go through various life troubles. 53% of women talk to their girlfriends about what is bothering them. Among men, only 29%.

4. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 80% of those who have lost their jobs since the start of the current economic crisis are men. Blimey! Perhaps this is due to the fact that the crisis has hit hardest on "male" professions, such as construction and finance. But maybe men will become nurses now?

5. Women are more likely than men to get higher education! Who was there talking nasty things about the female mind? In addition, studies show that men take longer to earn a bachelor's degree than women.

6. A survey of 14,000 people also revealed that women eat he althier foods than men. The stronger sex made a choice in favor of frozen pizza and red meat, and the ladies chose fruits and vegetables. True, during the experiment they were not offered chocolate. Maybe then the ratio would not be so striking?

7. A woman has a stronger immune system, which is due to the female secret weapon - estrogen. An American university study found that estrogens give women extra strength in fighting infections.

8. This, of course, everyone knows, but we repeat once again - women live longer. Of all the inhabitants of the earth who have stepped over 100 years, 85% are women, as sociologists recently found out. On average, the weaker sex lives 5-10 years longer than the strong one.

9. But this conclusion may seem dubious to the stronger sex: women make better managers. Especially in the economy. This is because women are better listeners, problem solvers and multi-taskers more efficiently than men.

10. And in the same area, women outperform men in investing. 100 thousand investment portfolios of representatives of both sexes were studied - the yield on "female" deposits averaged 18%, and on "male" deposits - 11%. Perhaps this is due to the innate caution of women.


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