Bytprosvet: healing potatoes

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Bytprosvet: healing potatoes
Bytprosvet: healing potatoes

Today in the rubik "Bytprosvet" - tips on the use of potatoes for medicinal purposes.

Bytprosvet: medicinal potatoes

Today in the heading "Bytprosvet" - tips on the use of potatoes for medicinal purposes. This indispensable product will help in the fight against high temperatures and household burns

High temperature

The heat will subside within an hour if you put a potato compress on your forehead. And it is done like this: grate two raw large potatoes on a coarse grater. Moisten the resulting mass with one tablespoon of vinegar and put on a clean cloth or gauze folded in several layers. The cloth should be wide enough to wrap the mashed potatoes in. Put the finished compress on your forehead, and after a while, change it by preparing a fresh one. In the same way, a potato compress is prepared for angina. Put the potato wrapped in cloth on the throat. Wrap your neck well with a woolen scarf or scarf.

For burns

If you get burned by boiling oil or hot dishes, apply fresh potatoes to the sore spot. You can not clean it, but quickly wash it and grate it on a coarse grater. Put the potato mass on the burnt place and change it as it heats up. To save time, you can simply cut the potato lengthwise and attach it to the burn site. Don't feel sorry for the raw potato, put it on until the pain subsides. Potatoes won't even cause blisters at the burn site.

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