What do young people get sick with

What do young people get sick with
What do young people get sick with

Young women usually get sick very little. But this is no reason to relax.

What do young people suffer from

Stress came first. Young women these days are much more tired than ever before. They have to build a career, personal life, solve numerous problems. They do not realize that they are living abnormally until they get to psychiatrists with panic attacks, fears, severe fatigue and insomnia. In this case, it is important to understand once and for all that the possibilities of the body are not unlimited. It is worth finding time for rest and good sleep.

Eating disorders come in second. About 4% of all women suffer from bulimia or anorexia, and millions of others continue with improper and unhe althy eating habits, which with age can turn into the most difficult, sometimes deadly diseases. Some ladies, in an attempt to lose weight, generally exclude entire food groups from their diet, such as dairy or flour, others eat once a day. The calorie counting frenzy is dangerous. A clear and balanced diet should be followed.

According to studies conducted in 2008 among women aged 18 to 44, it turned out that about 50% of women do not use contraceptives regularly, and 27% use them incorrectly. The result of this is a surge in unplanned pregnancies and, consequently, abortions. Many girls still believe the completely absurd statement that if you have sex very rarely, then it is not necessary to protect yourself, since the chance to conceive a child is negligible. Such a delusion is dangerous, because 10 minutes a year may well be enough for this business!

The level of sexually transmitted diseases is so high that America is about to declare an epidemic. Thus, among women under 24 years of age, the percentage of people infected with chlamydia is three times higher than among guys of the same age group. This is a very alarming sign, given that chlamydia is often asymptomatic and can result in infertility. Even more frightening is the sharp increase in the number of cases of genital herpes.

Finishing the top five is depression. About 20% of the fairer sex can safely prepare for a meeting with this dangerous disease, which very often overtakes those who are only over 20. At this age, girls graduate from universities and try to start their careers, facing numerous difficulties. If depression develops, it is imperative to seek help from professionals, it cannot be started.


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