10 Kissing Facts You Didn't Know About

10 Kissing Facts You Didn't Know About
10 Kissing Facts You Didn't Know About

The amazing kissing process has long been the subject of study by scientists and just curious people from all over the world.

10 Kissing Facts You Didn't Know About

Fact one

The lips have 100 times more nerve endings that stimulate desire than the fingertips. That's why kissing before, during, and after sex is such a wonderfully pleasurable experience.

Fact two

40% of men claim that prolonged deep kissing prepares them for intercourse in no time. (30% of men for this, a simple touch of the partner on the perineum is enough).

Fact three

Fact Four

At the time of a kiss, an average of 60 mg of liquid with various organic substances, as well as fats, s alts and about 20 thousand bacteria, 95% of which are harmless, enter from mouth to mouth. Each person's saliva contains enzymes and antibodies that can resist any infection. Saliva also contains androsterone, a substance that stimulates sexual desire.

Fact Five

Kissing affects 29 muscles of the face and neck, thereby preventing wrinkles.

Fact six

Who often kisses, he is less likely to suffer from diseases of the stomach and gallbladder. Also, a kiss soothes pain, as it stimulates the release of the hormone endorphin, reduces stress. Frequent kissers live an average of 5 years longer.

Fact seven

Men are twice as likely to have sex with partners who are bad kissers than women with poor kissers.

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