Weather Forecast: Headache

Weather Forecast: Headache
Weather Forecast: Headache

Doctors have proven that rising air temperature causes a headache.

Weather forecast: headache

Rise in air temperature, as well as a decrease in atmospheric pressure, contributes to the development of migraines and other types of severe headaches.

Scientists from the Boston Medical Center, who examined more than 7,000 patients who went to the emergency room, were convinced of this. Doctors analyzed the influence of climatic factors - temperature and relative humidity, atmospheric pressure, as well as the level of air pollution - on the risk of developing a severe headache.

2,250 patients diagnosed with migraine and 4,803 patients with tension headache or non-specific headache were involved in the studies. In each case, weather conditions were taken into account a week before the patient's visit to the doctor, directly on the day of the visit, and also for several weeks after it.

It turned out that with a temperature increase of 9 ° C, the risk of developing a severe headache after 24 hours increased by 7.5%. If this is how you react to the weather, start a weather diary and discuss it with your doctor, who will prescribe medications to help prevent an attack at the first sign of climate change.

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