Horoscope for September

Horoscope for September
Horoscope for September

The start of a new month is the time to check your stars.

Horoscope for September

Your stars this month



Positive: rest, support of loved ones

Negative: accumulated fatigue

The hustle and bustle of the past month has worn you out and you feel that you need a rest. Make every effort to go on a trip! If vacation is not possible, take care of your strength and he alth, otherwise you risk getting sick. At the beginning of the month, fatigue and a sense of hopelessness are possible, but after the 15th, you will be in a great mood.



Positive: change, transformation

Negative: solitude, apathy

Everything seems to be changing, from your appearance to the habits of your friends. You are full of energy and inspiration to transform everything inside and around you! Experimentation and risk accompany you until the last week of the month. At the end of September, the tendency towards solitude and debriefing intensifies. You need rest, preferably away from home.



Positive: success in work, rest

Negative: financial constraints

The whole month you will have to limit yourself in spending, but at the end of September, your spouse will please you with a profit. It is still possible to get away from home with romantic adventures, but in general your focus is on work. You may be offered a new position that will require a lot of responsibility in the future.



Positive:career growth

Negative: trials in personal life

You have a rather stressful period, stress is possible, but mainly this is due to your inner mood. Outwardly, everything is quite safe: you may be offered a job related to long-distance travel, new prospects will appear. It is likely that the husband will want changes in the house, but the worries about repairing and buying new furniture will nevertheless fall on you.



Positive: vacation and travel

Negative:he alth problems

The most important thing at the beginning of September is not to give in to the desire to make purchases, so as not to be disappointed in the acquisitions later. Entrust the family budget to your husband and take care of your he alth - stress and stress have weakened you. The second half of the month is favorable for relaxing away from home. You can count on the reliable support of others.



Positive: popularity, success

Negative: money difficulties

Your sexuality and attractiveness are strong throughout the month - others do not skimp on compliments and signs of attention. The concentration of male attention is so high that marriage proposals will inevitably follow. If your heart is free, make a choice! The second half of the month risks weakening your he alth, so follow a clear daily routine and watch your diet.


MARCH 21 - April 21

Positive: success in real estate, love, money


September is ideal for solving the housing problem, repairs, home purchases, property transactions. In the first half, take a break from the hustle and bustle, do not burden yourself with a routine, otherwise you will have to recuperate later. Switch to outdoor activities and sports, spend more time in nature. A great time to arrange a personal life.


April 22 - May 21

Positive: financial well-being

Negative: routine, limitations

The month is favorable for home improvement, purchases of beautiful things, income growth. In parallel - love, creativity and pleasure. Try not to think about work at the beginning of the month and, if possible, rest and build up strength to overcome the routine that will overtake you after the 10th.


May 22 - June 23

Positive: family harmony

Negative: household chores

The whole month is favorable for profit, the emergence of new sources of income, you can count on the return of old debts. Until September 10, without much difficulty, you can make repairs in the apartment or even move. Relatives and the immediate environment will be happy to help you with household chores. An influx of guests is possible, especially in the first week. After the 20th, you will want love and pleasure. If possible, go on vacation with your family!


June 24 - July 23

Positive: popularity, successful real estate transactions

Negative: weary from bustle

All month you are in great demand, others are in dire need of you, and your work is recognized! You are actively exploring a new professional field or hobby. Everything related to household chores is very important: you cook, sew, rearrange furniture in the apartment with pleasure. Until the middle of the month, you will have intensive communication. You will receive a colossal amount of new information, and it is up to you to decide what is worth paying attention to and what is better to quietly pass over your ears.



Positive: profit, savings

Negative: Spouse's difficulties

September is a month of profit, but don't overspend, you have big purchases and investments ahead of you. Until the middle of the month, tense situations and stresses are possible for a spouse - support him! In the second half of the month you will have a lot of communication and trips. Throughout September, watch your he alth and mood: Mars in Cancer tends to depression, loneliness, sadness. In contrast, he will give you the secret support of strong and authoritative people. Cheer up!

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