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Neat children's
Neat children's

Without exception, parents know perfectly well what a mess in the nursery is!

Neat nursery

Decluttering the kids room

Without exception, parents know perfectly well what a mess in the nursery is! Sometimes you can't walk around a room without stepping on a Lego piece, a cube, or a stuffed animal. Don't blame yourself or your child for this. Children are so arranged: they do not notice the mess, and it is impossible to make them “not scatter”. All we can do is make cleaning easier.

Easy solutions: where to store toys

1. Transparent containers

If a child can't see the toys and can't get to them himself, he'll just forget about them. Therefore, choose transparent containers for storing toys.

2. Boxes on wheels

Convenient to use for felt-tip pens, pencils, scrapbooks and other creative items. Put cubes and designers in buckets or transparent containers. For small toys, balls and figurines, cookie and candy jars are suitable.

3. Hanging sections

with soft pockets and plenty of compartments will be useful for storing all sorts of Barbie outfits. Travel linen covers can be used for the same purpose.

4. Closed storage section

If your child loves teddy bears, cats, bunnies and dogs, get them their own house. For storage, a combination is suitable in which boxes (shelves) can be selected according to the required height. Large trains and trucks can also be stored here.

5. Large Bucket Bag

Miscellaneous balls, skittles, etc. can be stowed away in a zippered cloth bag or heavy-duty laundry bag.

6. Multifunctional furniture

Choose furniture with extra storage: ottomans, coffee tables with removable tops, benches and banquettes with opening seats. Such things are convenient for large toys and sports equipment.

7. Make the most of it

Think about where and how you can arrange games, CDs and books. Save space: shelves hanging from the ceiling, a built-in wardrobe under the windowsill, hooks for hanging sections on the doors will help.

8. Place to play

Railroads, parking lots, race tracks require a lot of floor space. Use furniture on wheels that is easy to move (tables, cabinets, chairs). Also suitable are built-in shelves and wardrobes, beds with drawers that will free up space in the room.

9. Creativity Corner

It is very important for children that parents like what they do: drawings, applications, clay figurines should be in a prominent place. Set aside a shelf for crafts, and for drawings, you can attach a cork board or frame them.

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