Castle for princesses

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Castle for princesses
Castle for princesses

Decoration of children's rooms in a country house for two sisters was made by decorator Maria Adrianova.

Castle for princesses

Decoration of children's rooms in a country house for sisters - four-year-old Masha and two-year-old Katya - was made by decorator Maria Adrianov

A very friendly and hospitable family lives in a large country house. Preparing for the birth of their first daughter Masha, the parents asked the decorators to convert one of the guest rooms of the house into a nursery. And two years later, when Masha had a younger sister, another guest room turned into a girl's room. For numerous guests and family friends, it was decided to build a separate guest house, but that's another story…

The first children's room was made in very fresh and delicate girlish colors - in milky, light green and salmon shades. The room managed to create a light spring mood. Only natural materials were used in the decoration: wooden floors and wardrobes, a carpet made of cotton, curtains and bedspreads made of silk, cotton and linen. Many pieces of furniture were made to order and painted by hand. Parents actively participated in the process of creating a nursery, thanks to which an original and very comfortable changing table with drawers and shelves for baby hygiene items, made according to the sketches of MUGU Interiors.

Two years later, Masha had a sister, Katya, and the first nursery passed into the possession of the baby. A new task arose - to create a room for the already matured Masha, but in such a way that the new nursery would echo in perception with the previous one. A similar color scheme was chosen for the new room, but dense grassy, ​​lemony accents and bold shades of fuchsia were added to the main background. Masha has more personal space: shelves for books, a place to study, an armchair for friends and a whole chest of favorite toys.

Second nursery

The picture depicting a young traveler on a pink panther was painted especially for Masha by a family friend - artist Georgy Solyanik.

Second nursery

The second nursery also has high ceilings, and in order to "collect" the room, a huge chandelier - a balloon became the center of the composition.

Both parents and decorators were very happy when they saw that Masha changed her home without regret.

The sisters are very friendly and love each other, but they are completely different. Kate is now two years old. Together with the nursery, she inherited the role of a little princess. She loves to sing, dance and dress up beautifully. And in the four-year-old Masha, more and more courage and curiosity appear. And, probably, it is no coincidence that the interiors of children's rooms are so similar to their little mistresses!


The bathroom of the same fresh and spring mood was decorated for both girls. The ceiling lamp is made in the form of a cage with birds. The window in the bathroom is decorated with a Roman blind with a rather large rapport - blooming peonies.

World-famous decorators Anna Muravina and Lada Guseva created the MUGU Interiors bureau, bringing together bright and talented professionals into a team. The bureau has more than 10 years of experience in different styles and on different continents.

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