How to properly treat asthma

How to properly treat asthma
How to properly treat asthma

Asthmatics spend a lot of money on medicines and expensive treatments. Perhaps in vain.

How to properly treat asthma

About 5.4 million people in the UK suffer from asthma. There are many myths around this disease and how to treat it.

According to doctors from the Asthma UK association, expensive treatment may be ineffective if it is not clearly determined what exactly caused the disease. This can be done with one simple skin test.

Perhaps the cause of the development of the disease is plant pollen, and not the dust in the house. And instead of spending money on medicines, you just need to close the windows tightly or move from the village to the city. If ticks get into the bronchi, then expensive remedies will be even more useless. So say experts from the Cochrane Center in Copenhagen. They have already conducted 54 studies on this subject, examining more than three thousand asthmatics.

Scientists have found that no remedy against asthma mites is effective, including the use of special cleaning products or even washing bed linen at 60C.

And according to a study by scientists from the University of Michigan, only half of the measures against asthma taken by the parents of 1,788 asthmatic children could somehow work. Other methods were found not only ineffective, but sometimes harmful to he alth. For example, using a humidifier - after all, mites live in a wet environment.

There is another popular myth that asthma only occurs in childhood. "This disease can hit you at any age," says Asthma UK's Dr. Joy Smith. - The first symptoms can appear even in 70 years. She is often not recognized at this age. And many people generally think that asthma is a trivial disease, although 1200 people die from it every year in the UK - quite comparable to the toll from AIDS.”

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