Jamie Oliver: at home, in the kitchen and in the garden

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Jamie Oliver: at home, in the kitchen and in the garden
Jamie Oliver: at home, in the kitchen and in the garden

Famous chef Jamie Oliver tells DO how he went from city dweller to happy farmer.

Jamie Oliver: at home, in the kitchen and in the garden

We interviewed Jamie Oliver just as store prices were skyrocketing and many of us were wondering if we could use our backyard lawn to expand our garden. The famous chef did this a few years ago and even wrote a wonderful book about his farming experience - "Jamie at home", which was published in Russia by Cookbooks.

Jamie, judging by your activity, work takes up a lot of your time. Does your wife think you're an incorrigible workaholic?

I'm at home almost every weekend, and in total I have seven weeks of vacation a year - more than anyone I know! True, during the week I often work long shifts - from seven to eight in the morning until late. But my wife Jules is used to it: she knows what my job means to me and doesn't see me as a workaholic.

Women usually envy the wives of cooks. It is easy for them to receive guests, they are not attached to the kitchen, they are constantly pampered with something tasty. Tell me what Jules can do much better than you?

Over the past years, Jules has become a very, very good cook. During the working week, almost all the cooking hangs on her, and when we had children, she became much better at cooking. I'm not sure if she does better than me, but sometimes she surprises me with some fresh variation on a familiar recipe. And she's a great mom.

How old are your daughters and what can you learn from them?

Poppy just turned seven and Daisy will soon be six. And we are expecting another child. What am I learning from them? Hard to say. I think a parent gets a boost of happiness just by playing something stupid with their children. Although this is often forgotten.

In England you organized a campaign to improve the quality of school meals so that children do not get used to fast food. Do your own children have to prove that chips and cola are bad, or do they not even look in their direction? Just be honest

My girls don't eat chips and I'm pretty sure they never had cola. They eat well, because since childhood they have been fed tasty and varied food.

In terms of school lunches, we have been able to get a lot of money and commitment from the government to improve the nutrition of children. Many of these commitments are already beginning to be fulfilled, others are waiting in the wings, but I have no doubt that we are moving in the right direction.

Very many people in Russia have plots of land and are happy to grow their crops there. But, as a rule, these are people of the older generation. For an urban man who is genetically detached from the earth, working on the earth seems incredibly difficult. What would Jamie Oliver, a city man who wrote a book about his garden, say to them?

I will say that even if you only have a sunny window sill, try to grow something on it - at least spicy herbs. Some vegetables can be grown in tins or small pots, such as chili peppers and tomatoes. It's worth it! If you regularly use an herb in your cooking, you can save money by growing it from seed instead of buying a pack every week.

I spent my childhood in Essex, in the country, and returned there three or four years ago with my wife and daughters. Like many others, I was torn between family life and a crazy work schedule, trying to find a balance. And now I finally leveled the scales, and thanks to my garden for that. You can consider that I have turned into a hippie. But only growing my vegetables really brings me a lot of joy - believe it or not. Watching the garden change throughout the year, succeeding or falling into a puddle - it's exciting like little else.

Sociologists say that in a crisis, the first thing people start saving on is travel and entertainment, then clothes, then food. Do you know how to save on food the right way?

I know for sure that with a little thought, you can eat better for less money. Throughout its history, mankind has invented ingenious ways to create culinary masterpieces from literally nothing. In Italy, this trick is called cucina povera: turning simple ingredients into a divine dish.

Are you going on a new culinary journey? What will the new book be about?

I am currently writing a book and filming a series about America. I cook all kinds of wonderful food and meet equally wonderful people. Usually when you say "American cuisine" you think of fast food, but I put aside the stamps and look for people who are as far away from the world of fast food as possible.

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