Half of Brits cheat on their spouses

Half of Brits cheat on their spouses
Half of Brits cheat on their spouses

Most people prioritize honesty in personal relationships. And nearly half are cheating.

Half of Britons cheat on their spouses

The British Statistics Office reports that in the last year alone, 28,000 people have filed for divorce in the country, citing adultery as the reason for this decision. According to family psychologists, cheating in a relationship is the most common reason couples seek counseling.

Psychologist Mamta Bhatia believes that there are many reasons why people "go to the left." "These 'cheaters' feel insecure," says Dr. Bhatia. - They need to have more than one partner to make sure they are attractive. In addition, the process of education also plays a role. If children have seen their parents lie to each other since childhood, then such behavior becomes the norm for them on a subconscious level.”

But men and women commit adultery, guided by different psychological motives. “If a woman cheats, then usually she copes with her emotional and psychological needs in this way,” the psychologist says. She makes up for what she lacks in a partner. This is a well thought out, hard-won decision. And a man most often cheats, succumbing to an impulse. The stronger sex is much less likely to control sexual behavior. A man lives in the moment.”

To solve such problems in relationships, Dr. Bhatia recommends only one way - complete frankness. Then some misunderstandings can be overcome even before the deception occurs.


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