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Caring for nature led Dior to create refillable bottles with a refill system.

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Responsibility for nature led Dior to create reusable flacons with a refill system that significantly reduces environmental impact

Now all new bottles of L'Or de Vie are sold with a replaceable block with cream, which after use is easily removed from the glass stand and replaced with a new one. Thus, Dior became the first in the luxury cosmetics segment to offer sustainable packaging.

For those who want to experience the extraordinary regenerative effects of L'Or de Vie products, Dior offers the Dior Beauty Institute treatment of the same name. The beauty ritual begins with a 3D back massage that relieves tension, improves posture and tones facial muscles. Then the facial skin is cleansed, and the master proceeds to massage the décolleté area. The culmination of the procedure is the application of the “Golden Mask”, which maximally activates the active ingredients of L’Or de Vie: it tightens the oval and gives the skin tone. The treatment concludes with a rejuvenating facial massage based on a special technique, which smoothes the skin and gives it an incredible radiance.

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