8 makeup questions

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8 makeup questions
8 makeup questions

We offer you answers to the 8 most common questions about cosmetics.

8 questions about cosmetics

Correct makeup is a delicate and painstaking business. One inaccurate movement can spoil your image and mood. To prevent this from happening, we offer you answers to the 8 most common questions about cosmetics

1. How to keep lipstick looking fresh?

To make the lipstick look perfect on the lips, first circle the lips with a contour pencil that matches the color of the lipstick. After softening the contour line with a lip brush, apply the first layer of lipstick. Now remove the excess by gently blotting your lips with a tissue and apply a second coat of lipstick. Using a pencil will give lips definition and freshness.

2. How to keep blush from flaking?

Use both liquid and dry blush. Liquid are applied after foundation. This is followed by a thin layer of compact powder, and finally dry blush, giving the face a cosmetically finished look.

3. How to make the shadows lay flat?

First you need to make sure that the skin of the eyelids is absolutely dry. If not, dry the skin with a tissue or puff. If you prefer dry shadows, apply a thin layer of compact powder first.

4. How to use sunscreen with foundation?

Usually sunscreen is applied before moisturizer, after which tone is added. However, if you have oily skin, you may not need to use a moisturizer since sunscreen is usually an emulsion base.

5. How to apply mascara evenly?

Remember: two light strokes are better than one strong one. Run the brush over the lashes using a zigzag motion from the inner corner of the eye to the temple. Once the mascara dries a little, separate the lashes with an eyelash brush. Repeat the movements until you reach the desired depth of staining.

6. Should blush match lipstick color?

They must belong to the same color scheme. For example, if the lipstick is aged in soft yellowish tones, it will not be combined with red blush.

7. How to choose the right foundation?

You need to choose a foundation, trying its shades on skin cleansed of cosmetics. Apply the cream on the cheeks and neck. The best shade is one that looks exactly like your natural color.

8. How to hide dark circles under the eyes?

There is a concealer for this. Apply a series of small dots to the darkened areas of the skin and fluff them with a light tapping of the fingertips. You can add some foundation on top.

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