10 facts about kissing

10 facts about kissing
10 facts about kissing

Do we all know about kissing? Perhaps these facts remained unknown to you?

10 facts about kissing

This information will be useful to those who want to "improve" the technique of kissing, and just curious

Fact one: in

Fact two: 40% of men claim that prolonged deep kissing prepares them for sexual intercourse in the shortest possible time. (30% of men for this, a simple touch of the partner on the perineum is enough).

Fact three: be careful about innocent kisses on the cheek. If your partner has recently begun ritually kissing you on the cheek at parting, then this is a sure sign of a cooling of his attraction.

Fact four: the closer the partners are to each other during the kiss, the higher the degree of desire. Pressing your body against a man can make his blood boil.

Fact five: the best way to kiss a guy's ear is to gently pull the earlobe between your lips, and then run the tip of your tongue along the inner surface of the ear.

Fact six: a man turns to French kissing when he wants to "rock" his partner. If he becomes more "aggressive" in kissing, then it's not just his desire. Your partner wants to get more passionate from you as well.

Fact Seven: Men are twice as likely to have sex with partners who are bad kissers than women with poor kissers.

Fact eight: "dry" kisses sometimes don't work. Passionate, penetrating kisses increase blood pressure, make the heart work faster, which leads to a higher degree of arousal and, as a result, helps to reach orgasm faster.

Fact nine: 54% of girls aged 18 to 24 admit to kissing other girls. And among women aged 23 to 34, that number drops to 43%.

Fact ten: in the Middle Ages, people signed contracts with the symbol "X" and then kissed the paper to prove their honesty. Perhaps that is why the abbreviation "XXX" has become a symbol of "strawberries" over time.


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