Self-defense lessons

Self-defense lessons
Self-defense lessons

Correct behavior is the best defense in dangerous situations. But strength can't hurt either.

self defense lessons

Did you know that only 10% of the time self-defense requires physical strength? In the remaining 90%, you can easily avoid life-threatening situations by following certain rules.

Prevention is the best remedy, says Angie Tarini, head of the US Women's Self-Defense Society. She encourages them to follow these recommendations.

Be a hard target

Intruders tend to attack women who appear insecure or distracted. On the street, you started talking on your cell phone, listened to an iPod with your eyes closed, fell asleep in an empty subway car, got carried away writing SMS. At this point, you may be attacked. Try not to get distracted by anything. Walk down the street confidently, look suspicious passers-by straight in the eye. In this way, you send them a signal that you are ready for anything unexpected.

Be brave

An unfamiliar passer-by asks you for help, but something in his appearance and manner of communication seems suspicious and even unpleasant to you. No one obliges you to be nice and responsive with everyone. Answer boldly: “I’m sorry, but I don’t have time to help you!” And move on.

Don't show up on a deserted street late at night

An innocent trip to the ATM for money at three in the morning can end up in big problems. It is better to wait until morning or take an escort. If you left a bar or a nightclub, then take a taxi, even if the house is 10 minutes walk away. Don't tempt fate.

Be careful online

You should not put your contact information, such as a phone number and address, on your Odnoklassniki or Vkontakte page. Think about it, do you really know personally all your "friends" on the site?

Give your stuff away

If a burglar tries to snatch your bag or mobile phone from your hands, don't resist. Money and things can come with time, but you can’t say the same about he alth.

Use everything you have in hand

Be it an umbrella, a pencil, a phone, or even a hairspray - anything can become a weapon against an attacker. Keys are especially good, they can cause serious injury. Try to hit the attacker's weakest points, such as the eyes, throat, and knees. If you are attacked from behind, then aim at the feet.

Self-defense lessons

But to feel more confident, you should know a few tricks. This complex will help you protect yourself. It is quite simple to perform, but still requires careful testing. Do not be too lazy to learn it with your husband, girlfriend or mother

1. You were grabbed from behind by your arms. Squat down on your right leg while taking a small step forward with your left. Raise your arms through the sides at the top, turn your legs 180 degrees to the right without straightening them. Lower your arms through the center of your torso in a downward arc. Thus, the attacker's arms are crossed, and the body is tilted forward. A right knee strike to the groin or head (if the opponent is heavily bent over) and then a push with both hands to the chest, executed with a step forward with the right foot, will cause the opponent to change his mind. Until your opponent wakes up, you have a chance to run away.

2. You are grabbed from behind by the shoulders or below the shoulders, with your hands clasped in a grip. With your pelvis forward, hit the opponent hard in the groin with both hands or one hand. With your heel, strike at the instep or knee. Squat down sharply and at the same time raise your arms through the sides up. With the left hand, grab the right hand of the opponent below the elbow, and put the right hand into the armpit of this hand. Sit quickly on your right knee (important to remain stable), pulling your left arm down and your right arm forward away from you. Finish off an enemy with a punch to the bridge of your nose. Quickly get up and run to the side.

3. They hugged you from the front, hugged you tightly.Sharply push your pelvis back, try to bring your shoulders forward and hit your groin hard with your hand. Then, if the attacker is short, hit his head on the bridge of his nose; if he is much taller than you - in the throat. Stepping back with your right hand and pushing your opponent into the chest, loosen your grip. With a sharp movement of the hands from the inside to the outside, crossing with a sharp movement, knock down the hands of the attacker, throw him back with a kick of the right leg in the stomach.

4. You were grabbed from the front by the clothes on your chest, and your free hand was swung to strike.Do not hesitate. With a circular motion from the bottom up with your right hand, “click the attacker in the eyes.” Immediately, with both hands, grab the opponent's hand, which holds the clothes. The thumbs rest on the outer part of the hand, and the rest - on the inside. Turn the brush sharply to the left with as much amplitude as possible and pull it down. Finish off your opponent with a kick to the bridge of your nose. Make sure to make the last movement very strongly.

5. You were grabbed from behind with outstretched arms by the neck. With a quick circular movement of the right hand back (while turning to the right 180 degrees), wrap around both arms of the attacker and sharply press it to you. The opponent's arms are twisted, the body is tilted to the right. Immediately, with your left foot, strike in the groin. Lower the grapple and run.

6. You are being chased. If possible, increase your speed, and then slow it down, showing your fatigue and desperation. The distance is shrinking. When there are two meters between you, sit sharply to the side on your right or left leg. The opponent will trip and fall.

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