4 ways to avoid blisters and chafing in new shoes

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4 ways to avoid blisters and chafing in new shoes
4 ways to avoid blisters and chafing in new shoes

What to do with new shoes, loafers, boots or boots just bought in the store if they are a little tight?

Breaking in new shoes. 4 life hacks for corns

How to break in new shoes


We have already talked about the old and very effective way of stretching shoes in the freezer. Recall how to break new shoes at home: pour water into two strong plastic bags. We tie well. Then we carefully place these water-filled bags in the shoes so that the water is just in the place where the shoes are tight. We put the shoes in the freezer until the morning. Water, freezing, expands and stretches shoes or boots. If once is not enough, the procedure can be repeated. An important detail - do not pull out the bags until the ice melts. In order to protect shoes from surprises (suddenly the package turns out to be not quite strong), it is recommended to use two bags for each shoe, while not tying the outer one. The main secret - the main thing is that the water (in the bag, of course) fills the toe of the shoe tightly.


How to quickly break in new shoes? Another way: Wet a towel liberally and wrap it around the box that contains the new shoes, and leave it like that overnight. This creates a moist environment, thanks to which the skin becomes softer, more supple, so the next morning the process of wearing is painless. Very efficient! Especially if the leather from which the shoes are made is quite tough. The procedure, if required, can be repeated several times.

Heat up

How to break in new leather shoes? Another way to wear in shoes is heat treatment. Take a hair dryer and heat the shoes inside with a stream of hot air, quickly sprinkle with “stretch” foam and put them on a thicker sock. As soon as the shoes begin to cool, again the hair dryer plus foam and feet. Helps even in completely hopeless cases.

If shoes still rub a little

Real roll-on or solid deodorant will save you. When you put on new shoes for the first time, apply deodorant along the sides of your foot and from heel to ankle along the back of your foot. It will work as a protective lubricant and protect against scuffs.

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