I love to read

I love to read
I love to read

How can I help my child love reading?

I love to read!

This can be fixed if you systematically and patiently follow the simple guidelines.

• Read for yourself, and not only for the child, but also for the soul. Turn off the TV and computer, pick up an interesting book, and then discuss what you have read with your family.

• Go to the bookstore with your child. Study novelties, choose books, admire, scold - show sincere emotions. Even if you don't buy much, your child will feel that books play an important role in your life.

• Use your child's interests for something. If he is into dinosaurs, buy a book about them. And if you also take him to a museum and watch movies about dinosaurs, then reading books will not seem boring and out of touch with reality.

• Put books in different places of the apartment,so that they often come across the child's eyes. At the moment when he gets bored, he will always have a book at hand, which he will read or at least leaf through (which is also good).

• Stock up on audiobooks.Children who listen to audiobooks have been proven to become avid readers later.

• Read aloud to your child, even if he can already read. This creates a special atmosphere of emotional closeness, which is very important for the child. In the future, reading will be associated with your love and attention, which means that he will read with joy.

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