Route: Zelenogorsk

Route: Zelenogorsk
Route: Zelenogorsk

Zelenogorsk strikes with its northern grandeur!

Route: Zelenogorsk

Zelenogorsk has long been considered an all-Russian he alth resort because of the healing climate, the abundance of sanatoriums and recreation centers on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. The golden beach, pine trees, the aroma of jasmine and lilac are in summer, and in winter - the ski resort "Pukhtolova Gora", spruce and pine trees dress up in "hats" of white snow, bright sun, healing air, a lot of pleasures. The city impresses with its northern grandeur!

■ View

• I advise you to take a walk along the street from the beautiful station building. Lenin, passing under the old railway bridge. Admire the sculpture "To my beloved grandmother" - a Viennese chair, glasses, knitting needles and a ball of thread. It seems to everyone that his grandmother was sitting on this chair and hastily moved away somewhere.

• At Bankovskaya Square you can admire the figure of "Dachshund", and further, at the bakery, - the sculpture "Bread" with a typical St. Petersburg assortment of products, and those who are especially curious can see a small mouse below.

• Further you will see the pearl of Zelenogorsk - the temple of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God. The church stands like a bride in lace.

■ Tours

You can go to St. Petersburg, Vyborg (an old castle), Kronstadt, Sestroretsk (the city of the writer Zoshchenko), Komarovo (favorite places of Anna Akhmatova). You can visit the old Finnish farm in Jalkala.

■ Stop

You need to rent a room in advance. The best places are boarding houses, recreation centers and hotels on the coast.

■ Getting there

By train - from the Finland Station (ticket 70 rubles), by bus - from the Chernaya Rechka metro station, by minibus - from the Staraya Derevnya metro station.

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