Chulpan Khamatova: Helping is easy

Chulpan Khamatova: Helping is easy
Chulpan Khamatova: Helping is easy

Chulpan Khamatova is the only popular Russian actress who admits without the slightest doubt that helping children comes first!

Chulpan Khamatova: Helping is easy!

Chulpan Khamatova is the only popular Russian actress who admits without the slightest doubt: in the first place for her is the Podari Zhizn charity foundation, which helps children, and only then - filming and theater performances

Home Hearth: Chulpan, did your youngest daughter go to first grade this year?

Chulpan Khamatova: Yes. She went to the same school where the eldest goes. This is a very good school, where children smoothly move from the kindergarten, which is located in the same building. It turns out that they get used to the teachers in advance.

TO: Do you do homework with your daughters?

CH: Yes, and it's painful. Let's see how the younger one goes, but the older one is still not easy. She does not understand why she needs to sit at the table and learn lessons when she can run and play.

BEFORE: How are you doing?

CH: While we try to play more: tasks ask to be solved, the diary cries to be filled out. These are all very interesting games, but it's easier for me to play ten performances than to do homework with children. I think it is important to demand peace from yourself as a mother and realize that the child does not owe you anything. Children do not fit the patterns that you create for yourself. Yes, you can think of a girl sitting with a straight back at a desk and getting fives. But I got other girls.

BEFORE: You do a lot of charity work. How do you explain to your daughters that mom cannot be with them because others need help?

CH: We talk about this in great detail. I take girls to our actions, they are friends with some children. And I am very glad that they know how to give back. I myself have people divided into generous people and just people, and I can’t even imagine my child taking pity on a toy.

BEFORE: Are your girls giving away easily?

CH: Of course not. If it were easy, there would be no deed in it. Recently we had a long celebration of children's birthdays - they come one after another. First, we celebrated for two days in St. Petersburg, then in Moscow with friends, then at school and in the garden. So many gifts were given! I immediately said: “Let me put it all in the car and take it to the hospital, because for the children who are in the boxes, all this is more important than for you.” The daughters consulted and brought me a bunch, which they were ready to give. Then they thought again and brought a second pile. In the end, they gave all the gifts, and we took them to the hospital.

BEFORE: Do your daughters live together?

CH: A couple of years ago, when they couldn't share a toy, I said, "If you can't agree, I'll have to take the toy so you don't argue ". Naturally, they missed it on deaf ears. And when they began to quarrel again, I took the toy and threw it into the garbage chute. For a long time they could not understand what happened, they thought that I was just joking and this was a trick, but the toy never appeared. I decided that this is an effective way. And then one day I was reading and suddenly I heard some kind of mouse fuss and sniffing in the next room. I looked in and saw how two girls were tearing each other's hair because of some toy, but they were doing it in silence. That is, the conclusion that they made was not that they should share, but that they should quarrel quietly so that mom would not hear. But I think it's all right now. The most important thing I want is for the house to be a zone of trust. So that they do not have the need to lie and play around, so that they can share any problem - including the reluctance to do homework. Maybe it's better sometimes not to do these lessons. Trust is more important. I myself try to be as honest as possible with them. If I'm going on vacation, I'll never tell them I'm going to work, which would be much easier.

BEFORE: Did the crisis keep you busy?

CH: No. I have a charitable foundation in the first place, and only then work. And in connection with the crisis, I'm more worried about how the fund will exist. After all, oncology is the most expensive treatment. One antifungal ampoule can cost 600 euros, and injections are needed 3 times a day and sometimes for several months. Maybe there are people who can save their child alone in such a situation, but there are very few of them. This year we decided to reach a wide audience and made a concert together with the channel "Russia". The return exceeded our wildest expectations: in a week we collected 24 million rubles, while the average contribution was about a hundred rubles. We really wanted to show people that they shouldn't be afraid to help. It's much easier than it looks. To transfer money through Sberbank, you need to say that you want to help the Give Life Foundation, and you will be given a completed form, where you only need to enter the amount. And if you specify your last name, then you can go to the site and see which child your money was spent on. We are very meticulous about every 10 rubles we receive.

BEFORE: Are you just as scrupulous about your family budget? Planning expenses?

CH: It's terrible, but I can't plan at all. Just a couple of days ago, I asked myself the question: how much money do I spend every month on some necessary things? I began to count, got confused and realized that it is better to be in the dark. Of course, I cannot help but think that I need money, because I have two children. But hard planning will kill me. Knowing that every month I need some amount and must find it is terrible for me.

TO: Is this amount showing up somehow now?

CH: Yes. Apparently, I am a happy person, because this is so. Once I wanted to take a loan from the bank and buy a new apartment. But when I imagined that for 25 years I would have to find a certain amount every month, I became scared. I'd rather stay in my cozy little apartment than chase after something and then serve it all my life.

BEFORE: Do you like driving?

CH: I love walking and cycling. If in Moscow it would be possible to move around like this, I would do it with pleasure and not use the car all the time. But in Moscow it is unrealistic! Walking through our favorite city is like walking inside a trash can. And when you sit in the car, you can listen to audiobooks, even in a traffic jam I am closed in my small space. In addition, I understand that the car I drive does not harm nature so much. It calms the conscience.

TO: What car do you drive?

CH: Toyota Prius. To be honest, I'm not very strong in technical specifications, but it is important for me that this car has two engines - gasoline and an electric motor, and this helps to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. If I stand in a traffic jam, then the electric motor turns on, the engine does not idle. We are not so stupid as to finish off the earth with our life's blessings! I hope that harmful cars around the world will soon be banned in the same way as smoking in public places. I am very sad that in ecology we are always trailing behind: in America and Europe they have long sorted garbage and recycled what they can. After all, this is a culture of respect for the environment! And I am all the more pleased that I am the first owner of such a machine.

TO: How did you choose the car?

CH: Honestly, when choosing a car, I first look at the design, not the gas mileage. But here both converged. I like that she is very beautiful - such a white bride. A machine with self-respect, and I appreciate it. Usually, if the car is technically innovative, then the aesthetic component is in the background. Everything is wrong here, and I am very satisfied.

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