Svetlana Khodchenkova - I can't save

Svetlana Khodchenkova - I can't save
Svetlana Khodchenkova - I can't save

Svetlana's career is going well: back at the Shchukin school, she made her debut in the film "Bless the Woman" by Stanislav Govorukhin.

Svetlana Khodchenkova - I can't save

Svetlana's career is going well: back at the Shchukin School, she made her debut in the film "Bless the Woman" by Stanislav Govorukhin. He was so pleased with the collaboration that he later filmed the actress in another film - “Not by Bread Alone.”

Today Khodchenkova is one of the most sought-after young actresses in Russian cinema, actively acting in serials and feature films, a beautiful young purposeful woman with a shock of long blond hair that is amazing for our time. Sveta acts a lot, travels, her husband is one of the most beautiful young actors of Russian cinema, Vladimir Yaglych, so there are a lot of reasons to talk with her

BEFORE: Have you been worried before?

SH: There used to be an institute and I really wanted to be called, invited to act, to be noticed and recognized … Now I take this much easier than then: there is work - well, no - even better, I'll go somewhere to relax with friends, I'll go to my grandmother's country house … I relaxed about this. I have enough offers, I refuse some, because for some reason I'm bored of playing the right classical young ladies, which they basically offered me. And now I'm interested in ambiguous characters, negative ones. Right now I'm playing two such heroines: in one film I play the role of a witch, and in the second - such a … well, in general, a bad woman (laughs). I believe that any person has it - both bad and good, you just need to get it out, not be ashamed of it and expose it in front of the camera, in front of the mass of people who work on the site, in front of partners. It is the ambiguity that interests me now: when the hero is outwardly a pure angel, but inside is something else, more.

BEFORE: Some actors avoid negative roles, don't want to be identified with the hero… Has this happened to you?

SH: I still have such a life that I am presented as the heroine of my first painting "Bless the Woman" - timid, submissive Vera. Because of this, I worried for a long time, I thought: that’s it, a stamp has been put, and it’s very difficult to get rid of it. Well, for five years I would have lived with this, “jumped” on the image of Vera, and then what, where to move? Not that depression began to happen to me because of this, but there was a certain fear. But I went through it, and that’s why there was lightness: I realized that my boundaries expanded, I saw that I could do both. I didn't know this before.

BEFORE: Five years ago, you talked about your potential lover with such seriousness that a certain ideal image arose. Did you manage to find such a person?

SH: Naturally, he's not perfect, and I'm not perfect.

BEFORE: Did you have any selection criteria?

SH: No. And how can you choose a life partner according to the criteria? I can't choose so rationally. If at some chemical level there is a rapprochement with a person, then I understand - yes, this is my person, and that's it.

BEFORE: Was there a moment with your husband when you realized yes, this is him?

SH: I still don't know what it is. Now I am comfortable with this person, but I cannot say that I will live with him all my life, because this is him. I have a bunch of people who are more interesting to me…

BEFORE: Have you dreamed since childhood of a beautiful wedding, a white dress?

SH: As a child - yes, probably, like all girls. I remember, in the fifth grade, I dreamed of a puffy dress. Then I was very fond of drawing (I still draw) and so I drew for myself the styles of wedding dresses with a bell skirt. And in the end, she chose a radically opposite dress, without any bows, ruffles, flowers, as strict as possible. And besides, I realized that I didn't want a big feast, nothing like that. We managed to avoid pomp and pretense, all these bride price, when everyone is crying - I was always surprised that on such a festive day someone is sure to cry. We didn't cry, not a single person.

BEFORE: Did you feel after the wedding that it was the happiest day of your life?

SH: No. After that, I had a lot of the happiest days in my life.

BEFORE: You said you were painting. Tell us about it, please. Where did you study?

SH: No. I mainly draw clothing models, interior design. I didn’t show these drawings to anyone on purpose, this is my hobby, I relax so much.

BEFORE: How else are you relaxing?

SH: I can't rest at all - I can't get distracted from work. I'm on my phone all the time and I can't turn it off - I don't have the right to do so, because a lot of people are connected to me. I can’t even find time to go somewhere to relax and not think about anything there, because all the time there are projects that I don’t want to give up. I take a break when I have location shoots. It’s just there that I get both rest, and work, and hobbies, and that’s it!

BEFORE: Do you play sports?

SH: Sometimes I go to the gym for a treadmill, but not regularly. I am engaged in dancing - strip-plasticity. Once I went to a class in a fitness club and realized that it was uncomfortable for me to study in a group, I found a teacher for myself and from time to time I dance with her in the evenings. This is the plastic of a striptease, but without undressing. For me, this is a wonderful vacation, a great way to shed negative energy. I can call my teacher at 9-10 pm after filming and say: “Hi, let's dance!”

BEFORE: Sveta, have you already felt the impact of the crisis on Russian cinema?

SH: Reflected, but I think it's for the best. I would compare the current state of cinema with the forest after the hurricane: the forest has cleared. What should not have happened did not happen. In a crisis, the strongest win - this is what happened in this case, so the projects that were thought about, that were expected, took place, they found money for them.

BEFORE: Apparently, the fees have decreased, the actors have become less removed. Is that right?

SH: Filming has become, of course, less now, and the competition between actors is basically a fight of fees: the less you cost now, the more opportunities you have to act in movies, and that's just wrong. Here the crisis played a bad role - now not the best actors have more opportunities.

BEFORE: Did he personally influence you?

SH: Yes, of course, like everyone else, in the sense that the fees were cut. As far as offers are concerned, no, I didn’t have any downtime, on the contrary, I’m shooting well now, there were projects that I was very interested in - projects that were postponed precisely for this period and still took place.

BEFORE: Has something changed in life? Are you now forced to give up something that you could afford before?

SH: No, that didn't happen, and then I don't think my requests were so sky-high that I couldn't afford any of the now.

BEFORE: What can you refuse at all, and what - under no pretext?

SH: What I can never refuse is good cosmetics. I could not cut this item of expenditure even during the crisis. I can safely refuse good food. It’s not that I don’t care what I eat, but I don’t care where I go for food - to the Seventh Continent or to the market. And then, I don’t eat at home, I don’t have this problem: I don’t cook, I don’t have a stove at all…

BEFORE: Restaurants are also, to put it mildly, not cheap - did you change the level of restaurants you go to due to the crisis?

SH: No, but I didn't really need to. I am very used to one place in Moscow - it is also located next to my house, and I can not refuse it. They cook delicious food there, and besides, right in the hall there is a very beautiful pool with a grotto, illuminated, and diving is taught there. You can sit by the pool at the bar and watch someone swim in it…

TO: How does your family budget: do you plan big purchases in advance, save for them, write down expenses, or enjoy what you get?

SH: No, we received - spent. We do not keep any budget records, we do not save.

BEFORE: Do parents help the young family?

SH: We are already helping parents. We still have such a job that we do not receive a monthly salary: we finish the film - and receive a fee. In addition, I absolutely do not know how to save, I do not know how to save money “for later”, I am not accustomed to this at all. It's probably bad and not very wise, but I can't bring myself to think about it right now. If I have money and I want to buy something now, then I will go and buy it, and if I need money tomorrow, then I will think about it tomorrow.

TO: How do you feel about shopping in general?

SH: For me, shopping is a way to relax. And it’s not at all a fact that I will go shopping and buy something. I can just walk for a long time, look, measure and leave empty-handed. Now, if I go to a store with cosmetics, I know for sure that I won’t leave without a purchase, even if I have all this at home. I buy decorative cosmetics, creams. I like to walk around, looking at all these jars, trying…

BEFORE: Are you often recognized in stores?

SH: They recognize me mostly when my hair is down. Somehow you don’t really recognize me, because I wear glasses, but I don’t like to clean my hair, and then they will recognize me.

BEFORE: Does this annoy you?

SH: Sometimes there are people who annoy with their impudence: “Oh, hello, hello, who is this here with us ?!” To be photographed with someone, if asked, I always refuse when I am without makeup (and in ordinary life I am constantly without makeup). And even if they say to me: “Oh, don’t worry, we won’t show it to anyone, we won’t send it anywhere, we’ll only watch at home!” - I still refuse, because then they will post it somewhere on the Internet … Some, of course, are offended, but this is my right. Before, after Bless the Woman, I got a lot of letters. Letters went to the city of Zheleznodorozhny, where I was registered, to the Shchukin school, Govorukhin was sent in my name … Mostly military people wrote, some even with a marriage proposal. Someone wrote that he would like his wife to be the same as me, that is, like my heroine Vera from Bless. Someone wanted to introduce my mother, invited me to visit…

BEFORE: By the way, let's talk about loose hair, thanks to which you will be recognized. Please tell us how you take care of them.

SH: I use masks because after all the styling products that are used for work, the hair needs special care. I used to do it myself, but now I understand that the market is so saturated with good products that there is simply no point in mixing something in a jar.

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