Daughter fell in love with a married man - your stories

Daughter fell in love with a married man - your stories
Daughter fell in love with a married man - your stories

Our reader asks for advice. What to do if the daughter fell in love with a married man?

Daughter fell in love with a married man - your stories

"Little kids are little troubles. Big kids - … ". What should parents do if an adult daughter fell in love with a man who is much older than her. In addition, he is married and has children…

Please advice, the situation is like this.

We have an adult daughter, 23 years old, she was not married. A little over two years ago, she met a married man with long-standing family troubles, and they fell in love. The difficulty is that he has two children, and she does not want to take sin on her soul and deprive them of their father. Therefore, they broke off their relationship more than once, but then they resumed with renewed vigor.

During this time they saw each other only a few times, because they live in different cities, write to each other and call. According to their daughter, they have true love and great mutual understanding.

My husband and I strongly opposed this relationship at the very beginning, and after long conversations we managed to convince our daughter to break it off. And now, a few months later, this man appeared again, after all, he soon intends to get a divorce, move in with us and marry our daughter. She is ready to accept him with all his problems. And she says that she doesn’t need anything from him in material terms (he wants to leave everything acquired by the former family), and even his children seem to be no longer strangers to her.

Since my daughter shared with me, I can't find my place. I'm afraid to tell my husband, since he is an "ideological" person, at one time he spoke quite sharply about this, and may even intervene in an unpredictable way. At the same time, do not say embarrassingly, as if I'm lying to him.

I feel sorry for her, what if this person is actually her destiny? What if I make a fatal mistake by doing nothing?

And what can be done in general, because I’m not going to act behind my daughter’s back with dishonest methods, and all my exhortations, persuasions and arguments have already been exhausted?

Ekaterina, 43

We ask everyone who has experienced similar cases to give their advice based on personal experience, as well as share similar stories

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