8 ways to deal with stress

8 ways to deal with stress
8 ways to deal with stress

Stress is a big problem. Learn to control it before it can seriously harm you.

8 ways to deal with stress

Stress is one of the main problems in the life of a modern woman. You must defeat him before he can seriously harm you

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Second method - green tea and decaffeinated drinks. Green tea contains tannin. This substance, which provides the characteristic taste of tea, helps to relax the body. It is believed that tannin is a caffeine antagonist, that is, it has the exact opposite effect of its tonic properties. So drink green tea and avoid caffeinated drinks.

Third way is serotonin-boosting foods.Many of us lean on carbohydrate-rich foods like cookies, candy, ice cream and the like when we feel the pressure of stress. This food can actually have a calming effect, as it helps increase serotonin levels. So eat cakes and other sweets, but in no case do not forget about the figure. You can eat sweets, but in small portions. A couple of 100 calorie cookies two or three times a day is perfectly acceptable.

Fourth way - a relaxation room. Well, of course, the housing problem for many of us is so acute that there can be no talk of any separate room exclusively for relaxation. She is not required. This "room" can serve as some corner in the bedroom or living room. You just need to determine for yourself that it is used exclusively for one purpose. And equip it accordingly: candles or subdued lights, a comfortable chair or couch. You can also put speakers from where relaxing music or the sounds of wildlife will flow. Go there whenever you want to relieve fatigue and forget.

Fifth method - favorite music. For many, this advice will seem banal. But it is effective, and therefore should be mentioned. For some, heavy metal or house style is their favorite music, but “aggressive” rhythms are not suitable for relaxation purposes. The same applies to your favorite films - it is unlikely that you can relieve stress with the help of the film "Hostel".

Sixth method - massage and aromatherapy. Ancient and proven ways to deal with stress. These services are now offered by many beauty salons, and therefore are relatively inexpensive. By the way, nurses in the emergency departments of American hospitals (that's where the constant stress is!) For some time now, they have been relieving stress only in this way. The results are impressive.

Seventh method - hot bath. Another proven path to success. The heat relaxes the muscles and has an equally relaxing effect on your soul. Don't forget to add your favorite fillers to the hot bath, and put a pillow or towel under your head. Turn off bright lights and light candles.

The eighth method is exercise. Exercise helps release endorphins (pleasure hormones) and reduces stress levels. Research shows that 20 minutes a day of exercise can successfully relieve daytime fatigue and stress.

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