Fitness addiction

Fitness addiction
Fitness addiction

Regular exercise brings great benefits to the body. But only until they become addicted.

fitness addiction

Regular exercise brings great benefits to the body. But is it only benefit? It turns out that even fitness can be addictive

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Soon calorie counting became her main passion. She couldn't go to bed without calculating how much time she would have to spend at the gym tomorrow to afford a brownie or a couple of extra bananas. Increasingly, Janice found herself so flustered by all these calculations that she couldn't even sleep.

Every day she went for a long run, went to the gym or a few hours (!) swam in the pool. If this could not be done, then the girl felt overwhelmed, she could not concentrate. But after the exercises, she was literally covered by a narcotic feeling of euphoria and flight.

Over time, her head turned into one big calorie calculator. Janice looked at a plate of pasta and immediately calculated that it was equal in calories to a half-hour session on the simulators. Soups, salads, crispbread, ice cream - all this translated into kilometer hours of exercise.

It got to the point where Janice lost her two kids on a Miami beach while jogging. But even this fact did not make her stop the exercises. Only now she was running and carefully looking around, looking for the kids.

Husband Mark constantly repeated to Janice that she has a beautiful figure that suits him completely. But the girl continued to study, because she considered the words of her husband to be simple compliments. One day he took her to a fine Italian restaurant. But Janice could only think of one thing that evening - she wasn't doing enough during the day, which means she couldn't afford a lot of calories. She had to refuse almost all the dishes, which infuriated Mark. For the first time in his life, he seriously flared up.

Married life took a turn, the children began to be afraid of their mother, but Janice could not stop. In 2007, she divorced Mark. In the end, relatives persuaded her to seek help from psychologists. Now she is undergoing therapy, but … she still goes to the gym. She has a new boyfriend who is trying to help her beloved. Doctors are optimistic.

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