Autumn leaves

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Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves

Decorate the interior with beautiful autumn leaves.

Autumn leaves

Decorate the interior with a simple leaf preservation technique

Lampshade with branch

You will need:

• wooden wine box

• electrical fittings

• lampshade

• acrylic paint

• dried flowers

• willow leaves preserved with glycerin

• glue gun

1. We paint the wine box with dark acrylic paint in several layers, let it dry.

2. We drill a hole in the upper part of the box for attaching the cartridge. We insert the wire and, using a heat gun, glue the base to the upper end of the box. We output the wire.

3. Cooking willow branches using the glycerin preservation method. We glue them with a gun to the base of the lamp, and decorate the lampshade with dried flowers.

Autumn herbarium

You will need:

• 2 sheets of plywood (35x45 cm) 15-20 mm thick

• drill

• 4 anchor bolts, approx. 12 mm in diameter, with nuts

• white acrylic paint

• acrylic lacquer

• floral glue

1. We cut the plywood so that we get 2 boards of the same size. At the corners of each of them we drill holes for anchor bolts. We cover the plywood with acrylic paint in one layer. Let it dry.

2. We dry the autumn leaves, flowers and herbs selected for the composition with an iron. We create a decorative pattern from dry plants on a sheet of plywood and glue them with floral glue. Cover with several layers of varnish on top.

3. We assemble the herbarium press by threading bolts between two planks and securing them. Subsequently, to dry the herbarium, put several layers of newspaper, paper, cardboard or napkins between sheets of plywood, and put the plants selected for drying between them. Tighten the press tightly by tightening all the bolts.

Skeleton leaves

• In a bowl of water, dilute bleach (such as Whiteness) and soak the leaf in it until it turns white.

• Then rinse the leaf and carefully remove the flesh with a brush or scrape with the back of a knife until only veins remain.

• Rinse the sheet and blot with a tissue. Leave to dry.

For skeletonization, choose large he althy leaves. Leaves of oak, laurel, maple, ivy, poplar, magnolia will do.

Gilded Dishes

You will need:

• clear glass dishes or plates

• skeletonized leaves

• white and gold acrylic paint in a can

• adhesive for glass, porcelain, ceramics

1. We cover the leaves from the balloon with white and gold paint. We glue them to the back of the plate / dish, for example, only white leaves on one plate, only gilded leaves on the other.

2. We apply a small layer of glue to the back of the plate and burn it in the oven, following the instructions on the glue tube. If you're only going to use the plates for decorative purposes, you don't need to fire them.

3. We paint the back of the plate with spray paint. We painted the white leaf plate gold and the golden leaf dish white.

Glycerine Preservation

• Dilute glycerin with boiling water at the rate of 1:2.

• Place harvested plants in solution and store in a cool, dark place for 1-2 weeks.

• Remove the leaves and lay them out on a paper towel to dry, then hang to dry.

• The leaves will remain elastic and hold firmly to the branch, allowing them to be shaped and glued to uneven surfaces.

Even thick branches can be preserved in this way, preserving berries as well.

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