Internet dating - survey results

Internet dating - survey results
Internet dating - survey results

How do visitors of our site feel about online dating? We publish the results of the survey.

Online dating - survey results

When it comes to online dating, the first thing that comes to mind is registering on one of the dating sites. And 15% of our visitors use online dating to flirt.

Of course, it is online that you can feel like a star for a while, accepting virtual courtship from several fans at once. In real life, this behavior can end in trouble, but online anything is possible.

On the net, you can gain communication experience. Shy, insecure, notorious people online can learn skills that they could not get in ordinary life for one reason or another. Having learned to communicate online, you can go to real life and put into practice everything that you have learned.

More 15% of our visitors consider online dating as a chance to find their soul mate. And this is an understandable desire. Perhaps, only in the network you can safely search for a person with similar desires, needs, interests. On the Internet, you can "go on dates" with several potential partners at the same time, choosing the one with whom the relationship can be transferred to real life.

Of course, there is always the danger that in real life things will turn out a little different than online. But do you have to start somewhere? Posting your photo on a dating site can be faster, and writing to a person you like is easier than starting a conversation on the street. Saving time and a large selection of potential partners - perhaps these factors help to avoid mistakes and provide a real opportunity to find a "half" and build a long-term relationship with "your" person?

Narrow-topic forums or websites help gay people and people with rare hobbies find their partner. In real life, this is much more difficult.

Some of those who are already in a relationship with a partner, the Internet gives the chance to have fun on the side. This was voted for by 5% of our visitors. By the way - most of these virtual novels never turn into real life, but they give a chance to experience stormy feelings again.

A third of our readers said they've never met online. But is that true? The concept of "dating on the Internet" is much broader than just finding a partner. The Internet provides us with many opportunities for acquaintance, and virtual communication has its advantages. This is probably why a third of our readers said that the Internet expands their social circle.

Find a like-minded person, get support, ask for advice in real time - sites of interest give you the opportunity to do this. They introduce people to each other who might never meet in real life. It is these resources that make it possible to show the whole world your handicraft projects, pets and any other achievements. And where, no matter how on the Internet, you can arrange your personal exhibition for free and invite everyone to it?

Someone thinks that communication on the Internet is soulless. It is possible that this is the case when it comes simply to dating and entertainment sites. But on the Internet, those who help homeless old people and children in orphanages, those who donate blood for cancer patients and those who work as volunteers in hospices meet and communicate on the Internet. Can such communication be called soulless? Hardly!

So why do people increasingly go to communicate on the Internet? Because they don't want to live a real life? Or because virtual reality expands the circle of our communication and gives us additional opportunities?

You can be yourself online. Don't look at fashion. Do not think about the shortcomings of appearance. You can express your opinion without fear of being interrupted or stopped listening. There will always be someone who will support the dialogue.

On the net, you can try to become someone else. You can come up with a biography, social status and even a new appearance. And, having come up with all this, to understand that being different is not at all easier than being yourself.

Every phenomenon has two sides. Black stripes replace white ones, but the truth always lies somewhere in the middle. The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Virtual life is increasingly penetrating real life. They do not replace each other, but complement each other, filling our life with acquaintances, events and, ultimately, making it richer and more diverse.

Natalia Rozina

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