Children get dumb from punishment

Children get dumb from punishment
Children get dumb from punishment

Scientists have found that physical punishment of children leads to a slowdown in their development

Punishment makes children dumb

Children who are physically punished by parents show mental retardation and are more likely to show signs of aggressive behavior at an early age, US experts say.

During the study, scientists found that raising children with the help of physical punishment is unacceptable not only from the point of view of morality, but also negatively affects the behavioral and intellectual development of the child.

Many cultures have long cultivated a belief in the need for strict parental punishment to instill respect for elders and discipline children. Scientists decided to test the validity of such methods of education. The study looked at child rearing practices from one to three years old among 2,500 white, African American, and Hispanic families. Psychologists analyzed how often parents cursed, shouted or raised their hand to their child.

It has been observed that African-American children suffered more from their parents than other children: in this ethnic group, physical and psychological punishment was most common. The study found that the practice of spanking led to aggression and other behavioral disturbances in young children, as well as interfered with thought processes and reduced cognitive abilities at the age of three.

Results remained unchanged after adjusting for factors such as race, age, parental education, family income and gender of the child. Unlike spanking, verbal punishment itself did not affect intellectual development or behavioral norms.

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