Fitness without spending

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Fitness without spending
Fitness without spending

You can change your body at absolutely no cost by arranging wellness workouts at home.

Fitness at no cost

For those who “fall off their feet” after work and do not find the strength for training, I recommend that you first do some breathing exercises from the complex of A. N. Strelnikova, this allows you not only to “breathe” the muscles, saturate them with oxygen for more efficient work, but also relieve fatigue and feel a surge of energy!

To practice, you only need a mat, a large towel rolled up with a roller, 1 m of free space and an open window

1. Glute tension

Lying on the stomach, arms bent at the elbows, head resting on the palms of the forehead, shoulders relaxed, a rolled towel between the knees and hips, toes together, heels apart, legs relaxed. While exhaling, draw in the stomach, connecting the heels, squeeze the towel, straining the buttocks for 6-10 seconds. Do not hold your breath, take a deep breath. Belly pulled in!

2. Exercise to work out the muscles of the inner thighs

Lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, a rolled towel or a small sofa cushion between the knees, arms along the body. While exhaling, we draw in the stomach and begin to press the pelvis into the floor (the abdominal muscles are included in the work), squeezing the rolled-up towel or pillow with the knees for 6-10 seconds. Do not hold your breath, take a deep breath. Perform the exercise 4-6 times.

3. Squats

4. Put one foot forward on the heel, toe on yourself, straight knee, the other leg behind

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