Horoscope for October

Horoscope for October
Horoscope for October

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Horoscope for October



Positive: Recreation, support of relatives and friends

Negative: accumulated fatigue, he alth problems

The month is controversial. The first half contributes to professional growth, the achievement of goals, the fulfillment of desires. But there may be difficulties in relationships with others. Mistakes of the past come up, especially on the 10th-15th. The other half is more positive: love, prospects, tempting offers.



Positive: holiday away from home, success

Negative: fatigue, apathy

Overcome sadness with nature, solitude, meditation. Relations with children are not easy until the last week of the month, after which you will reach mutual understanding. An ideal vacation with the family away from home, especially in the first half of the month. After the 15th, various plans are likely to be implemented.



Positive: change, new friends

Negative: financial instability

Attention is focused on the interests of relatives and inner circle - they are waiting for a lot of new, unexpected and unusual. Help them overcome their insecurities and fear of change! Until the middle of the month, changes are also taking place in your life: a change of work, position, field of activity is possible! In the second half, there will be an opportunity to relax away from home.



Positive: success, family care

Negative: love affair lure

Social growth, support from superiors - these processes will reach their apogee after the 20th. At the same time, promising proposals are possible. Many changes will happen in your life with the participation of friends. Until the middle of the month, you take care of your family or loved one. If you are free, a love affair is possible.



Positive: successful real estate transactions

Negative: poor he alth, routine

If you're not on vacation with your family yet, go now! Rest away from home is relevant until the last week. If you stay at work, routine and burdensome obligations will pile up, which will be released in the second half of October. Then a new love or a promising business partnership is possible -

in. The whole month you need to follow a diet and take care of your he alth.



Positive: support for a loved one

Negative: difficulties at work

Possible he alth problems and alienation of colleagues. Most likely, you will have to change jobs, but do not make quick decisions! Until the 20th, you have to save - spending is at risk of being unjustified, and purchases may disappoint you. But the whole month is extremely lucky for love and successful for children. A loved one will help you cope with difficulties!


March 21 - April 21

Positive:love, joy for children

Negative: financial difficulties

In the first half of the month, attention is divided between two areas of life: work and family. Don't miss interesting job offers, especially at the beginning of the month! Do not overload yourself, otherwise it will be difficult to restore strength. The second half of the month will bring love, entertainment, pride in the success of children, but also financial restrictions - be frugal!


April 22 - May 21

Positive:home improvement

Negative: travel fatigue, bustle

You are busy taking care of your he alth and organizing an optimal daily routine. It's time to choose the right calorie-burning diet if you want to lose weight. In the first half of the month there will be a lot of trips, fuss and troubles. Relatives need your help. The second half of the month is a good time for repairs and major home purchases.


May 22 - June 23

Positive: success, pleasure, relaxation

Negative: fatigue

In the first half of the month, probable profits, random wins and unexpected gifts. If you intend to purchase household appliances or furniture, it is better to do it before the 10th! The second half of the month promises a lot of new acquaintances, communication, trips and promising offers. It is also a period of success with children, love, pleasure and adventure!


June 22 - July 23

Positive: success and pleasure

Negative: accumulated fatigue

Almost the whole month you enjoy doing household chores! Repair, purchase, sale or exchange of housing will be carried out without problems. Parents play a decisive role in all your affairs - their advice, help and support is very important to you. The last week of the month will turn your attention to children, creativity and entertainment. In the second half of October, travel and superficial communication will become tiring for you, but profit is expected!



Positive:love, profit

Negative:reputation hazards

Until the middle of the month, a contradictory situation: weakness, impotence, intrigues, combined with a favorable financial situation and promising acquaintances. However, on October 10-15, be economical, postpone important purchases to a later period in order to avoid disappointment. But these days, a love acquaintance is possible! From the second half of the month you are active, energetic, proactive - you succeed in everything! The last week is dedicated to home and family.


August 24 - September 23

Positive: profit, help from relatives

Negative: obstacles, conflicts

Until the last week of the month you are harvesting an impressive financial harvest. New sources of income are opening up for you and offers are coming in that promise profit in the future. The spouse, on the contrary, has financial risks and the likelihood of dangers and critical situations increases. Give him support and help, take some of his worries on yourself! From the middle of the month it is better to go on vacation, otherwise you will have to face resistance and obstacles. Or try to relax more often in solitude in nature.

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