Justice comes to Polanski

Justice comes to Polanski
Justice comes to Polanski

30 years waiting for Roman Polanski's arrest warrant. And now the great director is behind bars after all.

Justice awaits Polanski

30 years waiting for Roman Polanski's arrest warrant. And now the great director is behind bars after all

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The bitter irony of fate was also that the killers were not going to attack the director's wife at all. Their target was to be a music producer unwilling to acknowledge Manson's "genius". But they just got the wrong address. Shocked, Polanski left the US for many years.

And in 1977, the director could not resist the temptation and entered into intimacy with a charming young fashion model Samantha Gamer. Only then Paula

And then he fled to Europe, where he has been living for more than 30 years. In America, a warrant was issued for his arrest, which has not been canceled to this day. The seduced schoolgirl long ago became an adult woman and removed all claims against Polanski. Moreover, in 1997, the director officially settled all issues with her and her family. But the order has not been cancelled. The judge offered to drop the charges against Polanski if he agreed to participate in the process in a live broadcast from Europe, but the director refused.

All these years he continued to work remotely with Hollywood, filming in Europe such American hits as "Madness" with Harrison Ford, "The Ninth Gate" with Johnny Depp and "The Pianist" with Adrien Brody. Polanski even won an Oscar for the latter. Of course, he did not appear at the presentation, so the award found the hero only six months later.

All this time, Roman did not visit countries where he could be detained on an American warrant. That is why he has never been, for example, to Great Britain. And he came to Switzerland to receive another award, for some reason forgetting that there is an agreement on the exchange of criminals with America. The authorities had no other choice - Polanski was arrested.

Now filmmakers from many countries of the world have stood up for him. The French Minister of Culture hopes that Polanski will be released as soon as possible, and the director's native Poland demands that Switzerland immediately release its former citizen. Swiss cultural figures are also indignant, considering the arrest of the world-famous master shameful. But the authorities of this country have already stated that they do not make any distinction in the law for anyone. Polanski may be returned to the United States, where he will most likely be released from real punishment. But for this he will have to go through the humiliation of prisons, handcuffs, the police - all the things that he has tried so hard to avoid for the past 30 years.

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