We sew clothes with our own hands

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We sew clothes with our own hands
We sew clothes with our own hands

Today, saving has become easy and interesting. And also - saving is fashionable. Especially if you sew clothes with your own hands. Olga Abrosimova shares her ideas on this topic today.

We sew clothes with our own hands

Easy to sew with your own hands

“School sewing made me feel disgusted with the process for life. At least that's what I used to think. But in fact, everything turned out to be very simple - you just need to be patient at the first stage! Why did I start sewing? First, you can fantasize and always come up with something original. Secondly, the chance of meeting someone in the same dress is zero. And thirdly, the savings are very decent. I sew for myself and for my friends.”

1. We just sew with our own hands. Buy, find in old things or take a magazine with patterns from a friend, buy or get the cheapest fabric from a thrifty grandmother. Cut out the pattern and cut out any of the simple products - they are usually marked in magazines with a special badge for beginners. Sweep up the cut pieces. This is the most time-consuming stage - therefore, if it didn’t piss you off, then you can safely buy a sewing machine.

3. Look for fabrics. Most of the time I buy fabrics from stock stores, which have more choice and lower prices than the big central stores. The cheapest fabrics in terms of price, but not in terms of quality, are sold in the stores of the Measuring Rasp network. Here you can buy the remnants of good fabrics, and the price of the last meters is always less. Or there may be a small marriage that can be easily bypassed when cutting. In such stores, the price per meter of knitwear will be about 200 rubles, for batiste - 40 rubles, terry cloth - 200 rubles. You can also buy fabrics from the warehouse at a wholesale price, teaming up with friends. So, for example, I buy fabric for bedding.

4. Collect patterns. Patterns can be taken from magazines, downloaded on the Internet from sites for free, ordered via the Internet on disks. And I like that on the Internet you can order only those models that you will sew, and not the entire magazine. Patterns from the Web have one, but a big minus: they need to be printed on a printer and they are all designed for A4 format. It turns out that it takes a long time to print, and then collect for half a day. So it's easiest with beginner sewing magazines!

5. Save money and time! In my experience, you can sew a knitted sheath dress in 2 hours, the cost of a thing - depending on the model and size - will be from 200 to 400 rubles. (this is how much fabric, thread, tracing paper cost). In a store on sale, such a dress will cost at least 800 rubles, and without a sale, all 2,000 rubles. Floor-length faux fur coat: fur - 800 rubles. (when buying from a warehouse), lining with insulation - 1000 rubles, threads - 15 rubles, tracing paper - 30 rubles, magazine - 90 rubles). In addition, over time, you will be able to “build” the simplest things exactly at the moment when you need them. For example, a bat-style knitted sweater is sewn in 1-1.5 hours, home trousers with an elastic band - 1.5 hours, a knitted sheath dress - 1.5-2 hours, a flounced skirt with an elastic band - 1.5-2 hours. So we sew with our own hands and save!

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