Swine flu attacks

Swine flu attacks
Swine flu attacks

Is the flu so terrible? Is it hard to avoid?

swine flu attacks

It all started with the fact that one of the students of the Moscow School No. 308 returned from Bulgaria in the summer with a feeling of illness. For several days the girl was ill at home, and then the polyclinic issued a certificate stating that she could attend classes. However, the child's parents decided to go to a private clinic, where they received some kind of conclusion that the child had swine flu. After that, the school was disinfected, and the girl's classmates went into quarantine. Moreover, this was done after the child recovered and began to study.

In another Moscow school, the virus was found in a relative of one of the students. According to First Deputy Mayor Lyudmila Shvetsova, the 7th grade "G" of school No. 1994 (in Butovo) has been quarantined. The rest of the classes are studying normally.

Influenza Prevention

The best flu prevention is clean hands. A year ago, doctors recognized that hand washing can be more effective than even wearing a mask. During an epidemic, you need to wash your hands more often using ordinary soap. If water is not available, wipe your hands with napkins. Do not touch your face with your hands while traveling on public transport, and when coughing and sneezing - cover your face with your hands, a handkerchief or even your sleeve - this will prevent the virus from spreading and infecting other people.

Vaccination against the virus

Chief pediatrician of the Moscow He alth Department Alexander Rumyantsev believes that one should not be afraid of colds. In most cases, this is not the flu, but other viral infections, the peak incidence of which occurs in the fall. Flu vaccinations are routinely carried out in Moscow.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, almost 600 thousand people have already been vaccinated, including almost 190 thousand children, 187 thousand medical workers and 213 thousand working residents of the city.

To prevent the epidemic, Moscow has introduced restrictions on events involving children in those classes where more than 20 percent of cases of SARS and influenza are registered.

Lyudmila Volkhonskaya, chief sanitary doctor for the North-Eastern Administrative District, believes that at least a quarter of Muscovites should be vaccinated in order to create a layer of people that prevents the spread of the virus.

Specialist comment

Chief Physician of the Clinical Infectious Diseases Clinical Hospital No. 1 of the Moscow City He alth Department - Malyshev N.A.

Some people try to refuse vaccinations. We do not insist, but you need to understand that the flu can cause serious complications. Contrary to popular belief, Influenza incidence is decreasing year by year, and vaccinations play an important role in this.

Modern vaccines do not contain the influenza virus, so you cannot get sick from the vaccine. Sometimes there is a slight redness at the injection site, but this is a normal reaction and it passes quickly.

You should not get vaccinated if a person has already had reactions to previous vaccinations, attacks during an exacerbation of any disease. In the latter case, the vaccine should be done only two weeks after recovery.

Who should get vaccinated:

  • to everyone who works or studies (always in the team);
  • people over 60; people with chronic diseases (outside periods of exacerbation);
  • people at risk (those who are constantly in contact with a large number of people (sellers, policemen, social workers, teachers, and so on).

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