Route: To Tyrol

Route: To Tyrol
Route: To Tyrol

As well as the symbol of Moscow - the Kremlin, the hallmark of Tyrol, one of the highland regions of Austria - the Otztal valley.

Route: To Tyrol!

Also, as a symbol of Moscow - the Kremlin, a visiting card of Tyrol, one of the highland regions of Austria - the Otztal valley. And the resort of Sölden is the heart of this valley. Here, in the Eastern Alps, there is enough entertainment and experience for everyone - both adults and children. Moreover, various kinds of entertainment, but always of the highest quality - from the exotic of charming Tyrolean villages, delicious food, skiing and snowboarding, and ending with a relaxed evening rest, at least at numerous discos, at least in a sports center or luxurious thermal baths. But still, the main thing that they strive for in Sölden, of course, is alpine skiing. Connoisseurs consider Sölden the best ski resort in Austria. People come here not only for the thrills that descending a steep slope can give, but also for new impressions. The resort is developing rapidly, every year new modern lifts appear here and new ski areas are mastered. In addition, Sölden offers long trails with a large elevation difference - from 1377 to 3250 m

Big Three Rally

The Otztal valley itself has a fantastic variety of landscapes: flat sections of the valley give way to steep gorges with mountain rivers, gorges give way to icy glacier peaks. You can not admire such a panorama everywhere, even in the Alps. But those who have visited the Otztal valley at least once and at least once ridden the Big Three Rally (as the three peaks of three thousand meters are called) know that this ski resort provides great opportunities for exciting skiing.

The main ski areas in Sölden are Gaislachkogl (1377−3058 m), Giggijoch (1377−2885 m) and the Golden Gate with two glaciers - Rettenbach (1377−3250 m) and Tiefenbach (2796−3250 m). Experienced skiers will find most of the runs a little rustic. But they will also enjoy the long downhill Gaislachkogl, ideal for speed skiing. For those whose level of skiing is closer to the average, there are much more opportunities here. The Mittelstation area is especially suitable. Relatively easy trails run in Innerwald, as well as in the areas of Hainbachjoch and Rettenbach. The latter is located high in the mountains, so beginners will have to go down to Sölden either along the “red” slopes or on the lift. By the way, the most impressive figure is 22 ski lifts, which lift up to 40 thousand skiers and snowboarders to the peaks every hour.

Snowboard fans are especially appreciated in Sölden: they have a snowboard park, which is located right next to the Hainbackkar lift, at an altitude of 2450 m. There are jumps, fan boxes, rails, walls, a half-pipe and an amazing track for bordercross.

And in order to have something to do between the ascents and descents, numerous stands with mulled wine lined up along the sides of the tracks. For an evening leisurely rest, there are many restaurants open here. By the way, in them you can not only eat delicious food, but also have fun. Entertainment often includes fireworks and moonlight sleigh rides.

Children are also always in business. In Sölden there is a children's ski school and even a ski kindergarten for children from 2 years old, and older skiers in four ski and snowboard schools are waiting for instructors, some of whom speak Russian.

Alpine comfort

One of the coziest and most comfortable places to stay is the Alpenhof Hotel, located in a quiet area of ​​Sölden. Built in 2003 in the image and likeness of a typical Swiss chalet - the same simplicity of forms, looking so organic against the backdrop of Alpine landscapes. But behind a simple facade is hidden a modern, state-of-the-art and very comfortable hotel. So, breathing in the clean mountain air, you can stretch out on a soft bed in a spacious room of a classy four-star hotel, dine in one of the restaurants, swim in the pool or take a steam bath in the sauna.

But the greatest pleasure after skiing is to plunge into the life-giving water of the thermal spring. It is located 13 km from Sölden in the small resort of Längenfeld, located at an altitude of 1200 m.

Among the picturesque Tyrolean villages, a huge modern Aqua Dome complex rises, striking the eye with its futuristic image. Inside, there is such a variety of water activities that one can only dream of: saunas with and without light therapy, jacuzzi, swimming pools, hot water barrels, slides for children and adults, SPA-salons and solariums. You can swim or sit in the jacuzzi right in the fresh frosty air, under the rays of the sun or under the light of the stars - as you like. But the main thing is not the form, the main thing is the content, that is, water. It is taken from a hot spring at a depth of 1865 m.Its uniqueness is that its water originates in glaciers at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level, then flows through rocks and from a depth of 1800 m is extracted as thermal. It has a high sulfur content of 5 mg/l, so it will relieve joint diseases and osteoporosis, rheumatism and muscle strains.

Bread and circuses

Even if you don't ski, there's plenty to do in Sölden. Skating on one of the outdoor and indoor skating rinks, walking along mountain trails, curling, paragliding, sledding, bowling alley, snowmobile rental, shooting ranges - for every taste. In addition, there is a large sports complex Freizeit Arena in Sölden with a large swimming pool, sauna, gym, tennis courts, etc.

Be sure to check out the Stube - this is the name of small restaurants in the Alpine style, where low ceilings, rough wooden tables and chairs, stuffed animals in the corners and real Tyrolean cuisine. It is worth trying the Viennese schnitzel, unchanged for Austria, grestl (potato, flour and meat casserole), dumplings and the Tyrolean delicacy graukese (cheese prepared according to an old peasant recipe), which is eaten with vinegar, vegetable oil and onions. Perhaps, at the first acquaintance, Tyrolean cuisine will surprise you with its rustic peasant manners, but after spending several days in Tyrol, conquering the peaks, breathing in the fresh mountain air, you admit that nothing could be more appropriate than these simple, high-calorie and extremely tasty dishes.

In all this variety of rest for body and soul, its relative cheapness captivates. In restaurants, the average bill per person will rarely exceed 30 euros, while one Tyrolean dinner will last until the next evening.

And yet, this resort has one of the most advanced accident assistance systems. If something happens on the track, just a minute later a helicopter lands nearby (insurance for such an ambulance costs € 10), and seven restaurants and a dozen cafes on the tracks are equipped with all modern means of communication.

Reference information:

• Distance to airport: Innsbruck 87 km, Munich 191 km, Friedrichshafen 250 km

• Lifts: 5 gondola lifts, 19 chair lifts, 10 drag lifts

• Length of pistes: Blue 45km, Red 73km, Black 23km

• Ski schools: Estimated price for group lessons €47 per day, €144 for 6 days; individual lessons - from € 175 per day (4.5 hours)

• Snowboard school: 1 day - €52; 6 days - € 157.

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