Save together - food by the rules

Save together - food by the rules
Save together - food by the rules

Main principle: don't overtighten the strap!

Let's save together - food according to the rules

Restaurants also have to save. And this means that the restaurant manager must understand the science of economy thoroughly. Elena's main principle is to learn how to spend wisely

Useful calculation Weekly menu for a family of 4

Day of the week Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Monday Tea/coffee, Herculean porridge + fruits Mushroom soup Pasta with veal sauce. Tomato salad with herbs. Freshly squeezed juice.
Tuesday Tea/coffee, Herb omelet. Cheese toast

Chicken noodle soup

Pork baked with potatoes. Leaf salad with feta cheese. Compote.
Wednesday Tea/coffee. Fruit salad. Millet porridge with raisins. Borscht Homemade cutlets with garnish (rice + green peas). Vegetable salad. Morse.


Tea/Coffee. Fruit. Rice porridge. Jam, jam. Fish soup Pike perch fillet with tartar sauce. Boiled potatoes. Vegetable salad. Juice.
Friday Yogurt. Cottage cheese. Cheese toast. Fried eggs. Tea/coffee. Meatball Soup Chicken baked with apples. Boiled beans. Potato and radish salad. Morse.
Saturday Tea/coffee. Fritters with apples. Fruit salad. Tomato salad. Shchi from sauerkraut. Liver fried with sauce. Mashed potatoes. Carrot salad. Stuffed vegetables with tomato sauce + rice. Freshly squeezed juice.
Sunday Dumplings with honey. Cheese. Bouillon with dumplings. Roast pork with garnish. Fruit. Tomato salad. Fish fillet with garnish and cheese sauce. Fruit. Compote.

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