TV shows we watch

TV shows we watch
TV shows we watch

We conducted a survey about what series our readers watch. And here's what happened.

Series we watch

Foreign series

Some consider domestic serials to be third-rate, so they watch imported ones, and often - on disks, for seasons at once.

The list includes: "Lost", "Friends", "Hotel Babylon", "Sex and the City", "Clone", "X-File", "Smallville", "Stargate", "Commissioner Rex", "In the Name of Love", "Beverly Hills 90210", as well as series on the Discovery Channel.

Domestic series

Opinions are divided. Some people like Univer and Happy Together, while others consider them stupid.

The rest of the series got almost equal numbers of votes: "Glukhar", "Soldiers", "Margosha", "My Fair Nanny", "The Return of Mukhtar", "Kremlin Cadets".


"Doctor House" in third place in popularity. Someone likes the plot, and someone likes the actor playing the main character.

"Daddy's girls" is almost out of competition. Despite the fact that the series has endured for several seasons, the actress Nonna Grishaeva continues to be of interest to many.

"Desperate Housewives" won the most votes. Even those who don't watch them like their intro.

We don't watch TV series

However, there are those among our readers who believe that there is too much violence and negativity on the screen, therefore, they say, it is better to read a book.

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