10 First Date Mistakes

10 First Date Mistakes
10 First Date Mistakes

Here are the 10 most common first date mistakes.

10 first date mistakes

Here are the 10 most common mistakes men and women make on their first date

1. Don't arrive on time

2. Dressing wrong. Do not overdo it in the desire to impress. If the first date involves a walk around the city (and this happens very often), then why choose high-heeled shoes? And why come to an ordinary cafe in a diamond necklace?

3. Talk about politics or religion. It is not necessary to touch on topics that can cause serious controversy. And do not try to convert a stranger to your faith.

4. Look at others. Some girls just can't miss any handsome men. This is even more true of men who look at women without any embarrassment. Your partner will definitely notice such “views”. And he won't like it.

5. Bring friends. It may seem banal, but in no case should you bring a bosom girlfriend or boyfriend on a first date. Unless you agreed with the date in advance.

6. Drink too much. Another rule from the obvious category. Some people become completely different when they drink too much. Then they are insanely ashamed, but the bridges have already been burned.

7. Behave too aggressively. The first date is not at all a reason to dissolve your hands. In the end, they only agreed to have dinner with you. And that's all for now.

8. Be too passive. But there is no need to overdo it in this matter either. This applies primarily to men. Their passivity on the first date can alienate a woman. We must look for the golden mean.

9. Cancel a date at the last minute. A dangerous tactic - it is quite possible that this person will no longer agree to meet with you a second time.

10. Talk non-stop. Know how to talk, but know how to listen. Of course, long pauses should be filled, but you should not crack incessantly.

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