Stylish, spectacular, affordable

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Stylish, spectacular, affordable
Stylish, spectacular, affordable

When decorating the interior of your apartment, never forget the main thing: first of all, you should be comfortable.

Stylish, effective, affordable!

When decorating the interior of your apartment, never forget the main thing: first of all, you should be comfortable

Decorators Maria Adrianov and Marina Verkhovskaya remodeled a typical two-room apartment with an area of ​​68 m². The task was to make repairs quickly enough and, if possible, to do without unnecessary costs. In addition, the decorators tried to maximize the living space and visually “push apart” a not too large room. As a result, three cozy rooms turned out from a two-room "vest": a living room, a bedroom and a nursery, as well as a comfortable and spacious dressing room

Push the Walls

Start with a color choice

Light shades tend to bring walls closer, so they are good in flawless rooms with beautiful views, perfectly even proportions and a large area. Interiors with a lot of white are difficult to design and require a highly professional level. Saturated colors, on the contrary, help to push the walls apart, to feel the depth of space. Warm, calm and eye-catching colors are very suitable for our climate, where there is almost always a lack of sunlight and bright colors outside the window. In addition, beautiful details look advantageous against such a background: stucco cornices, screens, etc.

Add details


In addition to the right color scheme, finishing materials are important in the interior. Therefore, it is better not to save on finishing details, but to choose the highest quality materials that you can afford. Beautiful doors, a ceiling plinth and high-quality floors emphasize the interior.


Interesting solution

• Standard ceiling lights and sconces have been completed with lampshades that have been hand-tightened. You can do it yourself by pasting the lampshade with a suitable fabric.


And storage space

The sleeping area was made from part of the living room with a bay window. A partition was placed perpendicularly, behind which there is a spacious dressing room for all the necessary things. The head of the bed was placed against the window, and a TV was hung in the wall. The mirrored wardrobe doors reflect the view from the window, so the room does not seem cramped and closed. This technique visually enlarges the space of a small bedroom.


Interesting solution

• The bathroom is combined with a toilet, which is located in a niche. The washbasin in the bathroom was made to order, and a suitable faucet was selected for it in the construction market. A washing machine is installed opposite the washbasin, above which a convenient shelf hangs and a boiler is hidden.

• The mirror was framed in a framing workshop, where the lamps were immediately inserted. It turned out very beautiful and at the same time affordable.

A simple tip

Start with a project

When planning to redo something, think through everything to the smallest detail. This requires literally mathematical calculation. You must plan in advance where sockets, lamps, etc. will be located. This can be done in a computer program or on a regular sheet of graph paper. Don't leave unanswered questions. You must know in advance what you need.


Interesting solution


Interesting solution

• Affordable furniture made in a Belarusian factory, the dining table and chairs were wrapped in a beautiful fabric and painted in silver, after which it was completely transformed.

• The cupboard with household appliances is recessed into a small niche at the entrance to the kitchen, which borders on the dressing room. This significantly saves space and opens up a view in the kitchen, where it was inappropriate to place a large number of cabinets. On the other hand, due to this technique, recesses for suitcases appeared in the dressing room (behind the wall).

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