How I spent my summer or the experience of an economical holiday

How I spent my summer or the experience of an economical holiday
How I spent my summer or the experience of an economical holiday

Crisis is not a reason to refuse to rest. An economical vacation is the perfect solution!

How I spent my summer or the experience of an economical holiday

How do you travel? Are you looking for advertising for travel companies, studying the prices of tour packages, sighing, looking again and sighing again? Or maybe you decided to postpone your vacation for the time being due to increased prices, the ruble exchange rate, salary cuts and other troubles?

Don't jump to conclusions. In fact, traveling can be both exciting and comfortable, and quite inexpensive.

For this you need a little patience, curiosity, time. Plus the experience and advice of our travel editor Olga Chernomys, who made an economical trip to Italy this summer.

"Well, it's started!" - said my husband when he saw on my computer a page with last-minute offers from airlines. This meant that I began to put together the "puzzle" of our future vacation. There were two and a half months left before the vacation, but I already had a search itch. To be honest, I don't understand people who think it's difficult or boring - I feel real excitement in this search. I surf the Internet looking for the cheapest tickets, the most interesting routes, the prettiest hotels. I study travel forums, read books, conjure over a thick atlas of the world. For several years now, our family has hardly used the services of travel companies - partly because I like to build my own vacation much more, partly because of the banal economy. I must say that "wild" tourism is at least 30% cheaper than "organized" tourism


Before throwing yourself into the abyss of the Internet, you must definitely answer the question: what do I want to get from my vacation? At the same time, it is important to distinguish between the main goals and the secondary ones. See the maximum number of attractions? Laying on the beach, getting out on excursions a couple of times? To study the features of national cuisine? Once you figure this out, you'll be planning your trip much more intelligently. Because it is impossible to combine several completely different goals in one or two weeks of rest, but you can only get tired, disappointed and not feel anything in the end.

We defined our goals as follows: the main thing is to see the life of the Italian hinterland from the inside. Live in the countryside, taste the local food and wine, enjoy the scenery and at the same time, as far as possible, see the ancient cities. From here, naturally, the destinations flowed - the regions of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. I made a bookmark in the atlas and gradually began to mark on the map the places I would like to visit.

Getting there

Looking at my map, I proceeded to the next step - finding the destination airport and airline. It turned out that Forli would be the most convenient airport for me. The town of Forli, located in Emilia-Romagna, is extremely convenient as a starting point for traveling around Italy. In half an hour you can reach the east coast from it: to cute resort towns like Cervia or Milano Marittimo, in 40 minutes to Rimini, beloved by Russian tourists, and in a little over an hour to the heart of Tuscany, beautiful Florence, to amazing Ravenna with its mosaics and etc.

In addition, the choice fell on Forli also because it is a very cozy and extremely convenient airport, compactly located, so any movement around it takes a couple of minutes. And, finally, planes of the Italian airline Wind Jet fly here, which I have been choosing for more than a year. This is one of the so-called low-cost airlines, using which a huge number of Europeans can afford to travel around the world. "Low-cost" in translation means "low price" - and this is true. For example, our tickets cost 200 euros (round trip), which is two times less than other airlines offered.

But buying tickets from Wind Jet and other low-cost airlines has its own peculiarities. Firstly, they most often do not have offices, so bookings can only be made online. Secondly, ticket prices can change. Having found a cheap ticket (and sometimes there are prices of 40 euros, and even lower), you need to hurry up with the decision - because in two days the same ticket will most likely be 20-25 euros more expensive, and in a month the price may increase by one and a half times. And thirdly, you need a credit card to buy tickets online.

By the way, it turned out that Wind Jet has expanded its geography since last year - now you can get from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara straight to Verona and Sicily, and with a change in Forli - to almost any European capital.


Because we decided to try the natural, non-tourist life in Italy, I started looking for a private house where we would stay. In my searches, I used special sites dedicated to agritourism. This is a very popular type of tourism, especially in Italy and specifically in Tuscany. As a rule, at the same time, you live in the house of farmers who are engaged in farming - they cultivate olive orchards or vineyards, raise cows and sheep, etc. At the same time, you live in a separate apartment with everything you need: with a kitchen where you can cook yourself, car parking, etc. You can often buy locally grown butter, wine, cheese.

Having chosen a suitable house (in the photos it was very nice, with cozy bedrooms, a terrace, a swimming pool and a barbecue area, and the landscapes around seemed beautiful to me), I filled out the booking form directly on the site, paid by credit card and received owner's confirmation. A week of rent at the same time cost us about 400 euros - quite a bit for Italy in the highest season.

If we were going to relax by the sea with my daughter, I would look for small hotels in Cervia or Milano Marittimo - these two towns, smoothly flowing into each other, are located on the Mediterranean coast and are conducive to a relaxed and relaxing holiday, with long evenings in coastal restaurants, promenade after dinner. And the sandy gentle entrance to the sea, shells on the shore, carousels, like toy boats and yachts are especially popular with children.


In Italy, and especially in Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, you can fearlessly enter the simplest (and cheapest) taverns, restaurants, pizzerias. On average, for a delicious lunch with a bottle of local wine, we paid no more than 50 euros for two.

You should definitely try a variety of pastas, and tomatoes with mozzarella, and parmesan, and prosciutto (ham cut into thin slices). And don't forget the wine. These two regions are considered the most "wine" in Italy - the most famous varieties originate from here. We loved Chianti the most. But no less famous Lambrusco, Montalcino, Sangiovese can make you their fans forever…


It seems that from our summer photos the sun is pouring, the smells of herbs can be heard, the singing of birds can be heard. We drove across the country, walked around Florence, had dinner on the shores of Lake Trasimene, walked along the edge of the sea in Viareggio. We became friends with the owners of our house, which, as it turned out, stood on top of a hill, from where we admired the views of Tuscany.

Our expenses amounted to 1500 euros, including souvenirs, four bottles of wine brought home, and ice cream three times a day. And I think it's time for me to start planning my next trip.

Useful addresses

• Forli Airport: (available in Russian, you can book tickets)

• Online ticket booking: www. flyonline. it (available in Russian)

• Wind Jet Airlines: (available in Russian)

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