Hormones are not for everyone

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Hormones are not for everyone
Hormones are not for everyone

Dmitry Lubnin answers readers' questions about the correct use of hormonal drugs.

Hormones are not for everyone

Expert of Domashniy Ochag magazine answers readers' questions. Today we will talk about contraceptives.

Q: I am 37 years old. What methods of contraception are optimal at my age, despite the fact that I smoke and have high blood pressure?

A: Women over the age of 35 who smoke should not use combined contraceptives, that is, those that contain estrogens (pills, patch and vaginal ring). This increases the risk of venous thrombosis, a rather dangerous complication. For contraception, you can use condoms, local preparations, an intrauterine device, contraceptives containing only gestagens. It is best to undergo an examination and find out the cause of the increase in pressure. If it is hypertension, then the best option would be a simple intrauterine device.

Simple tips

When you can't do without a tampon

• Change tampons every 2-4 hours.

• Do not use a tampon outside of your period.

• Wash your hands before and after inserting a tampon.

• When choosing tampons, consider their properties: absorbency, comfortable feel and quality materials.

According to Victoria Nikolaevna Konovalova, gynecologist, Ph.D. microorganisms. At the same time, tampons reliably protect against leakage even with particularly intense secretions. And the smooth SilkTouch™ coating makes it easy and comfortable to insert and remove a tampon.

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