We save on beauty

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We save on beauty
We save on beauty

How to avoid unnecessary expenses without saving on beauty. Tips from an experienced makeup artist.

Save on beauty

We all want to look our best, but we can't always afford everything we like. How to avoid unnecessary expenses without saving on beauty, advises the official make-up artist of Maybelline New York Yuri Stolyarov:

• Blush can double as a natural matte lipstick. Maybelline New York's Drimm Mousse Blush Mousse Blush can be used as a mousse lipstick by applying to lips with fingertips.

• Eyebrows can be accentuated with the right shade of eyeshadow (brown, taupe, olive brown - depending on hair color). In addition, the shadows on the eyebrows look much more natural than the pencil.

• To correct the oval of the face, many people usually use bronze powder. It will perfectly replace the dark foundation left after the summer. Darken the peripheral part of the cheeks to make the face visually narrower, as well as the wings and the tip of the nose to narrow it.

• With the help of shadows and a thin brush, you can make a contrasting eyeliner. Since in this case no one limits you in choosing the shade and texture of the shadows, the result can be very interesting. To make the line more contrast, lightly dampen the brush.

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