Vegetable scrapbooking

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Vegetable scrapbooking
Vegetable scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is the art of decorating photos. Stop time!

vegetable scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is not just the art of decorating photos. This is a type of needlework that helps to preserve our memories. Scrapbooking usually uses special materials. However, it is possible to arrange photographs using what, literally right now, lies under our feet. Autumn leaves became the theme of today's workshop.

For registration, a photograph was selected in which the child went to first grade. But this way you can frame any shot or series of shots.

For work we need: a photograph, colorful autumn leaves, scissors, an iron, a sheet of thick paper (or cardboard), a frame with glass or plastic (I have a frame from their IKEA store).

Before the photo is framed, the leaves will need to be processed.

You can process the leaves in one of the ways described in the previous master class: Autumn leaves in the interior

Leaves can not be glued - cover the finished work with glass and fix it. In our case, the glass is fixed with special clips, which are included in the frame set.

The work is done. Its production time is no more than an hour.

You can and even need to make such a frame with your child - both of you will like the result of creativity.

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