Hollywood smile for an earthly salary

Hollywood smile for an earthly salary
Hollywood smile for an earthly salary

How to whiten your teeth at home and not go broke?

Hollywood smile for earthly pay

Teeth whitening is very expensive. But we can try our Hollywood smile without going to the doctor

If you decide to give up peroxides and choose something less expensive, then pay attention to baking soda. Regular brushing with it can have a positive effect on the color of your teeth, since the abrasive particles of baking soda clean the tooth surface, while as a result of the chemical reaction from the contact of baking soda with water, stains on the teeth are lightened. But you should not be zealous with a hard brush, otherwise you risk damaging the enamel. The best option is to buy toothpaste that contains table s alt.

Foods rich in cellulose are also suitable. These are celery, carrots and apples. They act as natural abrasives, cleaning the surface of the teeth and removing stains. And green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and lettuce contain minerals that coat our teeth with a protective film that protects them from other stain-causing foods.

Finally, there is also the fastest way to make your smile dazzlingly white. To emphasize the whiteness of the teeth will help … the right makeup. After all, the white color stands out perfectly against a dark background. Choose dark-colored clothes or dark red, pink lipstick. But warm colors like yellow, orange and brown will only add yellow to your teeth.

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